Cyber Shadow Unlockables on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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All Abilities Unlockables

Seven abilities will be unlocked as you play through the game.

  • Shuriken – throw a projectile
  • Rising Fire – fire projectile attack that strikes upward
  • Airstrike – a diving attack from above
  • Wall Slide – slide across walls after you hit them
  • L2 Katana – improves katana damage
  • Parry – deflects projectile attacks and lets you return them
  • Sprinter – faster run/dash

Abilities can also be upgraded later in the game, which adds additional functions to them.

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Secret Ability / Easter Egg Challenge Unlockables

With patch 1.04, the developer added 3 hidden “easter eggs” for the player to find by following clues given out on the official website. By finding all three, you will unlock a special new ability that gives you a new projectile attack.

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