Cyber Shadow Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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All HP and SP Upgrades Hints

Items that increase your HP and SP are hidden throughout the game. If you’re having trouble finding all of the HP and SP upgrades, use the video guide below for help.

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Basic Tips Hints

Be cautious and progress slowly, without rushing into danger. Make sure you’re aware of what’s ahead of you.

Dying puts you back at the last checkpoint but doesn’t take away your progress. In other words, if you solve a puzzle and then die, the puzzle will remain solved even after you respawn at the checkpoint.

If you’re out of SP, you will still be able to perform a basic form of certain abilities. Keep that in mind if you find yourself without SP.

At the same time, your SP abilities are extremely useful, so try not to waste your SP when you might need some up ahead.

You can spend essence at service pods to refill your HP, SP, or a Special Item. Once a pod function has been bought, that pod will continue to restore you.

A Special Item has 3 hit points. It can be used indefinitely until it gets hit 3 times.

Boss fights typically rely on recognizing patterns in order to determine the enemy’s weakness. Pay close attention to the boss’s behavior in order to find its weakness.

Although the game isn’t a Metroidvania, it does have some light Metroidvania elements in its level design, so be sure to backtrack when you learn new abilities to see if you can reach areas that weren’t accessible before to get new upgrades.

Similarly, you should attack walls and investigate anything suspicious to find secret areas.

All of your abilities have secret functions that can give you an edge in exploration or combat, so be sure to experiment with them and consider out-of-the-box uses for them beyond their immediate purpose.

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