NBA 2K20 Hints on PC

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Facial Scanning Hints

You can scan your face into the game by using a mobile device and the MyNBA2K20 app. Follow the directions the app gives you in the facial scan section to bring your face into the game. Make sure you look ahead instead of looking directly at the camera, to avoid having your face tilted when the shot is scanned.

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Dribbling Tips Hints

The dribbling mechanics have been changed quite a bit from previous games in the series. There are a number of basic dribbling moves you can perform, as well as advanced moves that modify the basic moves.

If you catch the ball and don’t do anything right away, you’ll be in a position known as a Triple Threat, because you can shoot, pass, or dribble from that position, making the other team question what you intend to do.

There is an in-game tutorial mode you can use to practice your dribbling. If you’re having trouble learning how to dribble, use the video guide below to pick up on some dribbling tips with the new gameplay system.

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