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Locker Codes Cheats

As usual for the series, there are Locker Codes you can enter to be rewarded with tokens and other prizes. Enter codes by going to MyTeam, then to settings, and then to Locker Codes. You must enter the dashes as part of the code for them to work.

The following codes will never expire:

  • 2KTV Headtie for MyPlayer – #2KTVHeadTie
  • 6 Boosts in MyCareer – IWATCHEDNBA2KTV
  • Up to 3 Tokens – HZ84F-HG82V-WPD76-37AYT-921DW
  • 3 Tokens, 1500 MT, or League Base Pack – THANKYOUMYTEAMCOMMUNITY

The following codes are limited-time and will expire in a few days from the time this was posted:

  • 3 Tokens, 5 Tokens, or 10 Tokens – TOKEN-6UWFJ-EAXAU-MLFUC-HF7GP
  • 1000 MTP, 2500 MTP, or 3000 MTP – MTNOW-VPY3M-BYGE7-CRM6J-K4U6Y
  • 10 Tokens, 5000 MTP, or Deluxe Dwight Howard Award Pack – LUCKY-FNK9H-AKFHN-PLNX7-PPT7N

More codes are routinely given out by the official MyTeam Twitter account, so be sure to keep an eye on social media channels if you want more codes.

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