Star Wars: Squadrons Unlockables on Xbox One (X1)

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Unlock Ship Parts and Upgrades Unlockables

To unlock parts and upgrades for your ship (non-cosmetic items), you’ll need to spend Requisition. Requisition is earned as you level up by earning XP. Reaching level 40 for your personal level should net you enough Requisition to be able to buy all the parts.

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Unlock Cosmetics Unlockables

There are numerous customization options you can unlock for your character and ship. Cosmetics are unlocked by finishing the story, completing operations, and spending Glory, an in-game currency earned by playing multiplayer and meeting other goals.

The only things unlocked just by beating the story are a new X-Wing skin and a new Tie Fighter skin.

Operations are special events that last eight weeks (essentially seasons0, during which time you can complete specific goals to unlock exclusive customization options.

Other cosmetics must be bought with Glory.


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