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Unlock All Skills Unlockables

There are four different classes you can pick from, each of which has its own active skills. Each class has 8 active skills unlocked based on level, and you can set 3 to shortcuts whenever you want.

Technomancer Skills

  • Level 1: Scrapnel – Throw a proximity explosive device that damages enemies and interrupts skills.
  • Level 3: Cryo Turret – Set down an automated turret that damage enemies and inflicts Freeze.
  • Level 4: Pain Launcher – Use a missile launcher that damages enemies and interrupts skills with each missile fired.
  • Level 6: Blighted Rounds – These bullets inflict Toxic on enemies they hit, as well as dealing 50% of the damage and inflicting Toxic on enemies nearby.
  • Level 9: Tool Of Destruction: – Use a Rocket Launcher that interrupts enemies or a Minigun that damages enemies.
  • Level 13: Fixing Wave – Heal 33% health for all players and 50% health for all turrets.
  • Level 17: Cold Snap – Inflicts Freeze on all enemies nearby.
  • Level 22: Blighted Turret – Set down an automated turret that damages enemies and inflicts Toxic.

Pyromancer Skills

  • Level 1: Heatwave – Damages enemies and inflicts Burn.
  • Level 3: Feed the Flames – Pulls an enemy toward you, damages the enemy, drains their health, and inflicts Ash.
  • Level 4: Thermal Bomb – Lets you choose an enemy to damage, interrupt, and inflict Burn on, in addition to making it so that they explode and deal damage if killed before the effect runs out.
  • Level 6: Overheat – Damages enemies in a large radius and interrupts their skills, dealing more damage to those inflicted with Burn.
  • Level 9: Volcanic Rounds – These bullets inflict Burn on enemies within a small radius and pierce enemies to damage the enemies behind them as well.
  • Level 13: Ash Blast –Inflicts Ash on enemies near you.
  • Level 17: F.A.S.E.R Beam – Damages enemies with 125% of Status Power, and also inflicts Burn and interrupts enemies.
  • Level 22: Eruption – Damages the targeted enemy as well as enemies near them with an eruption from beneath them.

Trickster Skills

  • Level 1: Temporal Slice – Damages enemies while interrupting skills and inflicting Slow.
  • Level 3: Slow Trap – Inflicts Slow on enemies and projectiles for 10 seconds by creating an anomaly.
  • Level 4: Hunt the Prey – Teleport behind an enemy and get a shield bonus.
  • Level 6: Twisted Rounds – These bullets deal more damage to enemies.
  • Level 9: Cyclone Slice – Damage and interrupt enemy skills within a small radius for 5 seconds.
  • Level 13: Borrowed Time – Mark your location and get a shield; using the skill again within the 28 seconds while it is active will teleport you back to the marked location.
  • Level 17: Venator’s Knife – Throw a knife that bounces between up to 5 enemies, damaging them and marking them, causing them to be inflicted with Slow and take double damage the first time you damage them within the next 10 seconds.
  • Level 22: Time Rift – Suspend enemies in the air for 3.5 seconds and inflict Weakness.

Devastator Skills

  • Level 1: Earthquake – Damage and interrupt all enemies in front of you.
  • Level 3: Golem – Protect yourself from 65% of all damage for the next 8 seconds.
  • Level 4: Gravity Leap – Attack enemies from above to damage them and interrupt them within a small radius of the area you land.
  • Level 6: Reflect Bullets – Create a barrier that captures enemy projectiles for 10 seconds and then reflects back the total amount of damage to the enemies in front of you, while also reflecting some damage from melee attackers.
  • Level 9: Impale – Interrupt an enemy’s skills, damage them, and inflict Bleed, and an enemy killed with this attack will create a radius in which any allies within it gain boosted armor and health regen for 9 seconds.
  • Level 13: Tremor – Damage nearby enemies and drain their health through several explosions.
  • Level 17: Boulderdash – Damage enemies in your path by charging into them and interrupt their skills, ending with an attack that deals damage to nearby enemies.
  • Level 22: Endless Mass – Inflict Bleed on a target and pull nearby enemies toward them, dealing damage to them in an explosion once the effect ends.

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Unlock World Tier / Difficulty Settings Unlockables

World Tier is essentially the difficulty setting. Higher World Tier levels will be more difficult but also provide you with better rewards. There are 15 World Tier levels. To unlock a higher-level World Tier, you must complete the level below it.

It’s also worth noting that if you play with another player, you will be restricted to the highest World Tier level of the party leader.

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Unlock Perks / Skill Trees / Class Points Unlockables

Each of the game’s four classes has perks you get through class points. These are additional benefits you unlock from skill trees, and each class has 3 skill trees with its own set of skills to unlock. You will earn class points as you level up, with a total of 20 class points being available when you hit the maximum level.

  • Technomancer Skill Trees: Pestilence, Tech Shaman, and Demolisher
  • Pyromancer Skill Trees: Ash Breaker, Fire Storm, and Tempest
  • Trickster Skill Trees: Assassin, Harbinger, and Reaver
  • Devastator Skill Trees: Vanquisher, Warden, and Seismic Shifter

Each skill tree is focused toward a different style of gameplay and there aren’t enough class points for you to unlock everything, but you can reset your perks to respec any time you want if you dislike how you’ve used your class points.

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Unlock Crafting Unlockables

After you complete the mission “Salvation,” you will unlock the crafting system. Crafting lets you use resources to upgrade and modify your equipment with the following options:

  • Improve Rarity (increases base value)
  • Raise Attributes (increases secondary bonus)
  • Mod Gear (change the Mod)
  • Swap Variant (switch to a different version of that type)
  • Level Up (increase its level up to the level cap)

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