Hood: Outlaws & Legends Hints on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

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Beginning Tips Hints

The Hideout includes a Training Area where you can practice. This is a good way to get used to using a hero and testing out their skills and abilities.

Once you’ve gotten used to the basics of your chosen hero, you might also consider practicing in the Map Training Mode that lets you practice the PvE experience by going up against the AI only. This is a good way to learn the maps and get used to the general gameplay experience before entering a multiplayer match.

Spawn and extraction points are fixed, while capture points can either have fixed positions relative to one another or be semi-random.

You’ll see which map you’ll be playing while in the lobby, so take that time to think through the map layout and determine what hero and team composition will work the best.

When in a multiplayer match, make sure to work with the other members of your team. Since different heroes have different abilities, you’ll need to work together if you want to make progress. Good communication and teamwork are key to victory. Try to make sure you have a well-balanced team to have access to the different heroes’ strengths, as well.

Don’t use your special abilities carelessly. Instead, wait for the moment when they’ll be most effective due to the situation.

Consider trying out different heroes not only so you know how to play them, but also so you’ll better understand how to go up against each one when you face them on the other team.

The Sheriff is a dangerous foe, and not one you want to go up against. After getting the key, avoid the Sheriff as much as you can and do your best to keep your teammates from running into him as well.

Avoiding NPCs is also wise because a player spotted by an NPC will be outlined in red, which makes it easier for the enemy team to see you as well.

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Heroes Hints

There are four heroes to pick from, each with different strengths and abilities.

  • Robin Hood (Ranger) – focuses on ranged combat
  • Marianne (Hunter) – focuses on stealth and quick takedowns
  • John (Brawler) – focuses on defense and dealing damage to groups
  • Tooke (Mystic) – focuses on a blend of close combat, ranged attacks, and healing

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