Dying Light Easter Eggs on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Here are our Easter Eggs for Dying Light on Playstation 4. The most trustworthy items get the most 'thumbs up' from our users and appear nearer the top!

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EXPcalibur Easter Eggs

GO to the south east part of the map in the slums. Proceed to the water and you will see a large rock and behind it a smaller rock with a zombie with a sword through its chest.

Go up and hold the interact button for 2 minutes and the sword will pop out for you to pick up. The zombie will also light on fire!

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Dancing Zombies Easter Eggs

In the "A Werewolf" sidequest, if you go into the second hangar Babar walks past and turn on the electricity, the zombies inside will dance.

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Mario plaza suit Easter Eggs

if u go to old town and go on the roof tops eventually u will find a chimney which has a flag and inside a green tube if u keep jumping onece u have entered the pipe u will hit a block and it will have the plaza suit blueprints there

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Destiny Easter Egg Easter Eggs

If you go down to the fishing docks you can enter a cave and a text appears stating "It's your Destiny to loot".

Then the zombies keep coming out of the cave forever.

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Plants v Zombies Easter Eggs

From the top of the antenna in Antenna, use the zip line to go to the mountains in the northeast. In the mountains, south of the hole, you can find a Toxic Lichen that will transport you to an area where plants and zombies are fighting, a reference to Plants vs. Zombies.

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Questions and Answers

I  can't  find  the  kets - Anthony Hargrove, 2 years ago - Reply  
Dear  sirs,
I  need  to  know  how  to  get  in  infinite  ammo  for  my  rifle.
Moreover  how  to  get  an  unbrokable  sword.

Thanks  and  regards   - Marwan Karam , 2 years ago - Reply  

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