NBA 2K22 Schummeln auf PlayStation 5 (PS5)

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NBA 2K22
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Cheats For NBA 2K22


Although NBA 2K22 doesn’t offer cheats in the form of console commands or cheat-enabled options, you can download a trainer which will give you access to many options to help you out and win those challenging games. Downloading a trainer will give you access to cheats such as Unlimited Stamina, Freeze the timer, Unlimited Skill points, Super Player Status, Reset Player status and set the game speed. Make sure to download the trainer from a reliable site. 

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10k earning glitch


So, there is this method where you have the potential to earn 10,000 VC with minimal effort but with a lot of coordination. What you do is head on over to the 10k court and have two teams load in, then right as your name changes to white( 5 seconds after loading in) have a squad exit the game. This will replace them with bots of a much lower skill base than the opponents you would usually face. So all you have to do then is win the game versus the weaker bots and you earn an easy 10k VC. The best part is that the players who exit do not even lose the 10k VC.

Geminus showing us how to execute the 10K VC glitch.

Use your peripherals


Even though basketball is a very fast-paced game, sometimes being the fastest is not always the best. You might think that you are the open one you have the ball, but a defender is a lot closer to you than you thought. This can lead to a block which will make you feel frustrated. Try to take a look at the court even before your player receives the ball to plan out your next move and to see where defenders are positioned.

Sports Gamers Online explaining why peripherals are useful.

Jake from State Farm


If you pay some not-so-close attention while playing NBA 2k22, you might notice that your friendly neighborhood State farm associate makes an appearance. Jake from State Farm shows up and says the line “And remember, like a good Neighbour, State Farm is there!”

The Gaming Library showing us Jake from State Farm.

Grinding those Virtual Points


This method involves some grinding on your part and can take a little bit of time. It involves a one-sided 1 v 1 where you are on the strong side. To get this method done correctly, do the following.

  1. Head over to Features/ Options and click on Create a Roster.
  2. For the Roster type, select NBA.
  3. Find one of the better players and edit the roster to max out their Three-point stats.
  4. Save and name the roster.
  5. Head over to Blacktop mode and start a 1 v 1 match.
  6. Start the game with the roster that you have created and select the name of the player that you have edited.
  7. In-Game Conditions set the game to 5 points.
  8. Find an opponent that has significantly worse skill than your edited player.
  9. Once the game is over, quit NBA 2k22 completely, then restart the process from the beginning. If you do not quit the game after the match, you will earn less Virtual Points as the games go on.

The Virtual Currency Brickley’s Gym Glitch


In this method, we are wanting to earn Virtual Currency and Badge Progress. So what you need to do here is exit the game right after your badge progress loads. This will trick the game into thinking that you have not attempted this game yet, but still award you all of the rewards that you have earned. The trick to this one though, is that you have to win the game, so work hard at winning, quit the game, and then restart the process to farm up some badges and VC.

How to take better shots


Playing a sporting game such as NBA 2k22 can get you amped up and full of adrenaline, this is not always a good thing, sometimes you will make worse decisions because of it. One of the best ways to improve your shooting skills is to slow things down a bit and make sure that when you are taking the shot, you are in the best position for it. Try to get those defenders away so that you can take a shot without fear of interference.

Sports Gamers Online explaining all about slowing things down.

Shot meter for taking shots


Making sure of the location of your shot meter can be an important task because of the fast-paced environment, every second counts. So learning which side it appears on will help you make those three-pointer shots a lot easier. The shot meter will always appear on the side that is furthest away from the basket( furthest from the action), so if you were on the left of the basket, it will appear on the left of your player and vice versa.

Learn to use the dribble to your advantage


Dribbling in NBA 2k22 can be quite difficult when thinking of all the situations where you would have to use a specific dribble to get past a pesky defense. You can use this to your advantage though, by learning all the different types of dribbles and when to use them, you can become a master of the court and destroy any defense you come up against. Once you have mastered each type of dribble, do some research and find out which dribble to use in each situation you find yourself in.

Sports Gamers Online showing us how to become a master of the dribble.



One of the types of play that many people do not like is the defense. Not having the ball can be frustrating, so find out the best way to steal that ball back for your team. Check out the best ways to perform defense and which defense works best for you, content creators can help you out a lot in this type of play, so take a look at what they have to say and learn from the best!

Sports Gamers Online showing the basics of defence and how to become the best.

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