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Demon's Souls
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Infinite Luck / Gold Coin Glitch


If you get a Gold Coin and use it in front of the Maiden in Black before telling her you want to level up, your Soul Level will hit 999 and your Luck stat will reach over 80,000. You will not be able to level up after this point due to the glitched Soul Level. However, you can undo this by going into the battle with Old King Allant and letting him hit you with his Soul Level draining attack.

Note: since this is a glitch, it may be patched out in future updates.

Moon Grass Farming Spot


You heal by using consumable items called Moon Grass, with various types depending on how much they heal. Since this is a consumable resource (unlike the estus flask in Dark Souls), you’ll need to make sure you have enough grass. Watch the video below for tips on a good grass farming spot to farm grass early in the game.

Secret Door / Penetrator's Armor


While the Demon’s Souls remake is nearly identical to the original game, one thing the community discovered was that there was a new hidden door not found in the original. In world 1-3, there is an illusory wall in one of the alleys beyond the Tower Knight area. If you strike the wall, you’ll find a locked door.

The community came together to solve the mystery of this new secret door and found that a new consumable called a Ceramic Coin had been added to the game. They can only be found in Fractured Mode at Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency.

If you trade 26 Ceramic Coins with Sparkly the Crow, you will get a Rusted Key that unlocks the door. Behind it is a new armor set, the Penetrator’s Armor, based on one of the game’s bosses.

The video below shows the first person to solve the mystery and open the door.

Scary Nexus Noises


Strange noises in the Nexus not present in the original game led many fans to speculate that they were a hint about another game in development or some sort of Easter egg, although Sony eventually said the sound was just a glitch.

Dragon Ball Z reference


Open the Messages menu, go to “Choose a Template,” and pick “Observations.” From there, choose “You’ll need a Soul level of *** ahead” and then “Choose a Word.” The available options are various numerical amounts, with the last option being “over 9000.” This is most likely a reference to Dragon Ball Z’s infamous “It’s over 9000” line in the dub.

Cat Ring Icon


In the original Demon’s Souls, the icon for having the Cat Ring equipped was an actual photo of a real cat, believed to possibly be a pet belonging to someone on the development team.

The remake removed the funny Cat Ring icon in favor of a normal icon more in keeping with the rest of the game’s aesthetic, but the original cat can still be seen in the game’s end credits, on a sign posted to a tree (possibly intended to be a “Missing Cat” poster since the cat is now missing from the game).

Basic Tips


Take your time to learn enemy attack patterns, explore the areas, and gain a better understanding of your available options. Don’t rush.

In addition to learning the timing for enemy attacks, watching their patterns should also teach you their weaknesses. Pay close attention to how an enemy behaves to figure out the best way to counter them.

As you explore, watching out for side paths and illusory walls (which can be dispelled by hitting them) that can lead to secrets areas and valuable items.

Your healing items are various types of grasses. These are a consumable resource that can be farmed, so make sure you have enough.

Accept that you will die and lose souls. If you stress about potentially losing souls, you will have trouble enjoying the game. Once you accept the risk, you will start to feel better about experimenting and trying new things.

When you die, you will be in soul form. Soul form has half HP compared to your body form. You can return to body form by using a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes or beating a Major Demon boss. In body form, you not only have more HP, but you can also summon players to help you. However, you can also be invaded by other players.

If you repeatedly die in body form, your world will start to shift toward black World Tendency. This makes the game harder. You can shift the world toward white World Tendency by defeating Major Demons.

Equipping the Cling Ring will increase your max HP, which can help out a lot, especially if you’re in soul form.

There are multiple paths available, since you don’t have to visit the Archstones in a set order. If you’re having trouble in one area, consider trying a different one instead.

You might be tempted to use the Major Demon souls right away, but instead of using them for their soul value, they can be traded in for special spells or other good things later on in the game. Consider saving them.

Unlock All Spells and Miracles


To get new spells and miracles, you’ll be able to buy them from NPCs in the Nexus after a certain point in the game. However, there are certain spells and miracles that can only be bought from NPCs you will need to rescue in order to access them.

All Spells

  • Cloak – 500 Souls
  • Demon’s Prank – 500 Souls
  • Flame Toss – 1000 Souls
  • Enchant Weapon – 5000 Souls
  • Protection – 5000 Souls
  • Soul Arrow – 1000 Souls
  • Water Veil – 500 Souls
  • Acid Cloud (only sold by Sage Freke) – Eroded Demon’s Soul (Dirty Colossus)
  • Death Cloud (only sold by Sage Freke) – Pureblood Demon’s Soul (Maiden Astraea)
  • Fireball (only sold by Sage Freke) – Dragon Demon’s Soul (Dragon God)
  • Fire Spray (only sold by Sage Freke) – Hard Demon’s Soul (Armor Spider)
  • Homing Soul Arrow (only sold by Sage Freke) – Yellow Demon’s Soul (Old Monk)
  • Light Weapon (only sold by Sage Freke) – Silver Demon’s Soul (Penetrator)
  • Poison Cloud (only sold by Sage Freke) – Wriggling Demon’s Soul (Leechmonger)
  • Soul Ray (only sold by Sage Freke) – Doll Demon’s Soul (Fool’s Idol)
  • Warding (only sold by Sage Freke) – Iron Demon’s Soul (Tower Knight)
  • Cursed Weapon (only sold by Yuria) – Silver Demon’s Soul (Penetrator)
  • Firestorm (only sold by Yuria) – Dragon Demon’s Soul (Dragon God)
  • Ignite (only sold by Yuria) – Hard Demon’s Soul (Armor Spider)
  • Relief (only sold by Yuria) – Pureblood Demon’s Soul (Maiden Astraea)
  • Soulsucker (only sold by Yuria) – Maiden In Black Demon’s Soul (spare Maiden in Black)
  • Soul Thirst (only sold by Yuria) – Yellow Demon’s Soul (Old Monk)

All Miracles

  • Antidote – 3000 Souls
  • Evacuation – 20000 Souls
  • Heal – 5000 Souls
  • Hidden Soul – 3000 Souls
  • Anti-Magic Field (only sold by Saint Urbain) – Storm Demon’s Soul (Storm King)
  • Banish (only sold by Saint Urbain) – Yellow Demon’s Soul (Old Monk)
  • Cure (only sold by Saint Urbain) – Wriggling Demon’s Soul (Leechmonger)
  • God’s Wrath (only sold by Saint Urbain) – Dragon Demon’s Soul (Dragon God)
  • Recovery (only sold by Saint Urbain) – 3 Colorless Demon’s Souls (Primeval Demons)
  • Regeneration (only sold by Saint Urbain) – Swollen Demon’s Soul (Adjudicator)
  • Resurrection (only sold by Saint Urbain) – Pureblood Demon’s Soul (Maiden Astraea)
  • Second Chance (only sold by Saint Urbain) – Hero Demon’s Soul (Old Hero)

Sage Freke the Visionary can be rescued in the Prison of Hope, in a cell unlocked with the Special Key found in the area just ahead of the Fool’s Idol. Yuria the Witch can be rescued in the Boletarian Palace if you wear the Official’s Set (all parts) to have the Official lower the stairs for you to reach the area where she is. Saint Urbain can be rescued in the Shrine of Storms area where Patches kicks you into the pit.

All Ceramic Coin Locations


Ceramic Coins are a new item added to the remake. Their only known purpose is to be traded with Sparkly the Crow for the key to unlock the secret door. You need a minimum of 26 keys for the trade, but Sparkly will return them to you if you try to trade too few.

There are 13 currently known coin locations, 7 in Pure White Tendency and 6 in Pure Black Tendency, only available in Fractured Mode. Ceramic Coins respawn, which is how you can get the required number. If you finish the game, your Ceramic Coins will also carry over to New Game Plus.

They are all within breakable objects.

Pure White World Tendency:

Gates of Boletaria, 1-1 – When you reach the room where two soldiers break through the doors, after you save Ostrava, break the furniture to find the coin.

Inner Ward, 1-3 – Near the start of the area, after the guards open the side path, you can reach a side area with a ladder and a door. There is a box nearby. Break it to get the coin.

Inner Ward, 1-3 – In the courtyard over the boss fog gate, the upper walkway leads to an area where there is a box and a group of crows that fly away. Break the box.

The Tunnel City, 2-2 – In the lava pit area near Flamelurker Archstone, there are islands covered with breakable junk. The coin is hidden on one of them.

Prison of Hope, 3-1 – Find the cell opposite where the Crystal Lizard spawns with a spiked chair in it and break the chair to find the coin.

Island’s Edge, 4-1 – The coin is in a breakable box in the corner of Graverobber Blige’s cell.

Swamp of Sorrow, 5-2 – After the fog door, follow the scaffolding until the end and then drop down once. Move toward the wall to see a small ledge with a crate. Drop down onto it and break the crate. (Note: bugs have been reported where this coin does not always appear.)

Pure Black World Tendency

The Lord’s Path, 1-2 – Near the boss fog gate in the tower, go up the stairs to the upper floor of the tower and break the table to find the coin.

Inner Ward, 1-3 – Ahead of the area where the Fat Officials spawn, look for a railing you can go over to reach a barrel below. The coin is in the barrel.

Smithing Grounds, 2-1 – When you reach the area with the lava lizards, after the point where the dogs are, head down the slope to find some wooden boxes and break them to find the next coin.

Prison of Hope, 3-1 – Follow the side path by the statue that fires arrows and take the path that leads to the staircase down to the courtyard. One of the dead ends in the courtyard includes a breakable box with the coin in it.

The Ritual Path, 4-2 – There is a coin in one of the boxes along the edge inside the pit Patches kicks you into.

Swamp of Sorrow, 5-2 – The next coin is in a box in the area ahead of the boss fog gate for the Dirty Colossus.

It is possible that more coins will be discovered as time goes on, but these are all of the currently known ones. If you’re having trouble finding any of the coins, use the video guide below for help.

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