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  • Genre: Strategy, Role-playing (RPG)
  • Ratings: ESRB E10+
  • First Release (Any platform): Mar 30, 2017

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Chat Window Commands Hints

All must be used in chat window.

  • /me = blue text in chat
  • /roll = roll a number 1-100 (red text)
  • /roll ##### = roll with a top limit you chose by replacing the "#" signs with numbers (red text)
  • /dice = roll of the dice 2-12 (red text)
  • /poker = displays a hand of poker cards (red text)
  • /rps = throws a hand of rock, paper, scissors (red text)
  • /flip = Flips a coin for heads or tails (red text)
  • /8ball = gives a magic 8 ball response (red text)

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Chat codes Easter Eggs

Try using these codes in realm and guild chat:

  • /8ball
  • /roll
  • /dice
  • /me ( leave a space then input text as usual)
  • /poker
  • /rps

Test them out and see what happens! Remember to use / and not leave a space between / and the command

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