Pants Locations Guide for The Lego Movie Videogame on Wii U (WiiU)

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Pants Locations Guide

There are 15 pairs of Pants, one hidden in each level.

  1. Bricksburg Construction - Go to the construction yard and compete in the dance-off. If you earn three "Awesome" hits, you'll get the pants.
  2. Escape From Bricksburg - Go to the upper-left room and hack the terminal with Benny. That will open the Control Room door, and you can cross the bridge to grab the pants.
  3. Flatbush Gulch - In Free Play mode, get to the ground and use a character with laser abilities to destroy the gold lock on the fence to the right. On the other side of the fence, make your way to the barn's rooftop and drill into the wall. The barn doors will open, and you can grab the pants.
  4. Flatbush Rooftops - Once you pass the first checkpoint, destroy the ladders with barrels. Then use the master build spot and go across the bridge. On the other side, jump down and use Unikitty to cross through the rainbow door into the Saloon. Go to the back window, and a shootout will begin. If you can shoot ten enemies, the pants will appear in the middle of the room.
  5. Escape From Flatbush - Fly to the left in the starting area and destroy the gold hatch to get inside the train. Break the gold bars and rebuild them, and then destroy the door to the safe and build a second time. Solve the puzzle with the color switches to make the pants appear.
  6. Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land - Ride the cloud at the start of the level, climb down the staircase, and break the rainbow bricks at the bottom. The resulting springboard will hurl you through the air toward the pants.
  7. Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land - Once the bird takes you to the next area, fly all the way to the left by Lincoln. Destroy the six gold doors to get items for Green Lantern. Use the items to build a fighter jet, which will shoot and uncover the pants.
  8. Escape From Cloud Cuckoo Land - Once the buildings are attached to the submarine, go to the right until you reach the small building with the gold lock. Use a laser on the lock and then build the pieces inside with Green Lantern. You will then be able to get the pants.
  9. The Depths - Once you pass the first checkpoint, swim to the left of the sub and make your way through the passage until you see the gold rocks to your left. Use a laser to destroy them, as well as the two gold pufferfish you will pass a little later. Swim up and to the right to reach another gold pufferfish. Destroy it as well to get the pants.
  10. Infiltrate the Octan Tower - When you begin the level, head right and destroy the fireplate blocking the nearby door. Inside, there are some gears on the right wall. Use a wrench on them, and also use the valve to the left. Break the boards in the center and destroy the fireplate in front of the oven. Finally, rebuild the signs to make the pants appear.
  11. Put the Thing on the Thing - In the first area, build the gigantic Jukebox. If you get 9 "Awesome" beats, you will be rewarded with the pants.
  12. Broadcast News - Walk around the catwalks of the TV studio to find the pants floating in the air. Jump with a female character or fly to get them.
  13. Back From Reality - Once you complete Story Mode and have Lord/President Business unlocked, use him to access the red and black platform beside the truck on the lower level. When it reaches the bottom, the pants will appear at the top of the ladder on the left.
  14. Bricksburg Under Attack - When you reach the plumber's truck, use Lord/President Business to access the red and black platform, and then head left to hit the switch. The power will go out. Next, use Unikitty to destroy the rainbow wall. The pants are on the other side.
  15. The Final Showdown - During the second stage of the fight with the giant Micromanager, use a laser to cut along the border of the billboard on the left side. When you cut it completely, it will fall down and reveal the final pair of pants.

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