Gold Bricks Guide for The Lego Movie Videogame on Wii U (WiiU)

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Gold Bricks Guide

There are 70 Gold Bricks for you to unlock or find in the game. You can get them in a variety of ways.

  • 15 Gold Bricks are given to you when you play through Story Mode, as you earn 1 for each level you complete.
  • 15 more Gold Bricks are awarded to you when you complete "The Special" stud goals, as you can earn 1 in each level.
  • 15 more Gold Bricks are awarded to you when you collect the Golden Manuals, as you earn 1 Gold Brick each time you find all 5 Golden Manuals in a level.
  • 15 more Gold Bricks are awarded to you when you collect Pants, as you earn 1 Gold Brick for each pair of Pants you find.
  • 10 more Gold Bricks can be earned in The Bonus Room hub area, after you unlock it by finishing Story Mode.
  • Bonus Room Gold Bricks
  • #1 - At the end of the room, there is a vent attached by gold screws. Shoot off the screws and head inside to find the brick.
  • #2 - Get on top of the radio at the right side of the room. Push the car into the pile of books, which will knock over the garbage can and uncover the brick.
  • #3 - Get into the car you knocked down and drive it around to the right of the building station, where the floor is marked by dashes. Drive forward, and studs will appear. Lap the room and collect all the studs, and the brick will be your reward when you drive across the dashes again.
  • #4 - Grab the next brick from within the aquarium on the middle shelf of the desk.
  • #5 - Go to the computer and find the corkboard. The brick is to its right.
  • #6 - Climb onto the large red LEGO in the corner to collect the next brick.
  • #7 - Return to the vent where you found the first brick and get the brick from inside the nearby tube.
  • #8 - Pull down the box labeled "Fragile" near the room's portal. Pieces will fall out. Put them together to get the gold brick.
  • #9-10 - Use Benny to hack the terminal near the computer. One brick will appear on the computer desk, and another will appear in the disk drive.

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