Follow the instructions below to find all of the Black Cat Journals.

No One Is Safe! Journals

  • Black Cat Journal 1 - The journal is on the balcony facing the stage.
  • Black Cat Journal 2 - Through the double-doors to the right of the stage, the journal is directly to your right within the maintenance hall.
  • Black Cat Journal 3 - The next journal is on the backdrop that includes a wooden staircase.

Claws of the Cat! Journals

  • Black Cat Journal 1 - Star from the bottom of the stairs in the Wooly Mammoth Room. To your left, there is a journal behind the case with the blue-green background.
  • Black Cat Journal 2 - Another journal is in with the dinosaur eggs in the case, in the room through the door behind the Wooly Mammoth.

Free Roam Journals

  • Black Cat Journal 1 - A journal is hidden above the "Le Venin" sign at Times Square.
  • Black Cat Journal 2 - Start at Times Square. Get onto the rooftops and go northeast until you reach a blue tower. The journal is on one of its landings.
  • Black Cat Journal 3 - Start at Times Square again, but head along the road going northeast. You'll eventually reach a building with two tunnels. The journal is in it.
  • Black Cat Journal 4 - Another journal is hidden behind the shrubbery and benches in the small park in the city's northeastern section.
  • Black Cat Journal 5 - Finally, travel to the far southwest section of the city and search they alleyways to find the last journal.

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