Follow the instructions below to find all of the audio logs.

Raid on Oscorp Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - Once you rescue the hostages, you'll be able to get the log from the desk on the left side of the room.
  • Audio Log 2 - In the same room, there is a hallway to the right, with a log in its back corner.
  • Audio Log 3 - In the generator room, there is a fan on the right side. Freeze it up with Web-Shoot and go through to find the log by the pipes.

Into the Lion's Den! Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - Turn right in the subway after you get past the first guard, and find the guard carrying a flashlight. Deal with him and search the room. The log is on a crate in the back.

No One Is Safe! Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - A log is hidden behind the pillars on the balcony above the stage.
  • Audio Log 2 - Another log is in the doorway to the left of the stage.
  • Audio Log 3 - Go through the double-doors to the right of the stage and turn right to find the log.
  • Audio Log 4 - After you rescue the hostages, but before you reach the prop that looks like a marble staircase, search the props/sets you see to find the log.
  • Audio Log 5 - Climb the marble staircase prop and jump to the scaffolding to find a log on the right.
  • Audio Log 6 - Just past the fence that surrounds the shipping yard, a log is hidden behind the cab of a truck parked alongside a second truck.

Claws of the Cat! Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - Start at the stairs in the room with the Wooly Mammoth. Turn left. The log is behind the case with the green background.
  • Audio Log 2 - The next log is in the case through the door behind the Wooly Mammoth.

My Ally, My Enemy! Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - You can grab a log from next to Harry before you start talking to him.
  • Audio Log 2 - There is another log in the study, on top of the desk by the piano.

The Kingpin of Crime! Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - As you make your way up the ramps in the building, you'll pass a wall with a hole in it. Go outside and head right to find the log on the ground.
  • Audio Log 2 - From the same ramp, head left to find a log hidden in the debris in the area below.
  • Audio Log 3 - When you reach the hallway filled with all the shipping containers, head outside. There, you can go along the tower to eventually reach a truck with the log on the hood.
  • Audio Log 4 - The next log is on the desk in the underground vault.

Maximum Carnage! Audio Logs

  • Audio Log 1 - The final log is within the electrified cage. You can access it through a hole in the side.

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