Sniper Rifles for Mass Effect 3 on Wii U (WiiU)

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Sniper Rifles

There's nothing quite as enjoyable as sniping your enemies from a distance, before they even know what hit them. Here's where to find all the sniper rifles that will let you do just that.

M-92 Mantis: Found on the ground to your right after descending the ladder during the Priority: Mars mission.

M-97 Viper: Found within the main Turian camp during the Priority: Palaven mission, resting on some boxes.

M-13 Raptor: Sitting on a bench on the level which overlooks the outer facility during the Priority: Sur'Kesh mission.

M-29 Incisor: Found on a ramp as you leave the first combat area within the Tuchanka: Bomb mission.

Javelin: You'll acquire this sniper rifle during the "Rannoch: Admiral Koris" mission.

M-98 Widow: You'll acquire this sniper rifle during the "Priority: Thessia" mission.

Black Widow: Paying 250,000 credits to the Spectre Office will get you this sniper rifle.

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