Red Bricks Multiplier Guide for Lego The Hobbit on Wii U (WiiU)

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Red Bricks Multiplier Guide

To get each of the five stud multiplier Red Bricks, you will need to find the schematic for a specific Mithril item, forge the item at the Bree blacksmith's shop, and then take it to a character who will trade you the ability to buy the Red Brick for the item.

x2 Studs

  • Item needed: Mithril Flail
  • Schematic location: In the "Over Hill and Under Hill" level, there are slots on the cliff you can shoot arrows into as an elf. With the arrows in place, you can swing across to the schematic's location.
  • Character location: Go to the northern part of Hobbiton in the daytime.
  • Red Brick Price: 500,000 studs

x4 Studs

  • Item needed: Mithril Shadow Blade
  • Schematic location: Southeast of Bree, there is a sign marked with yellow and purple arrows. You need to follow the yellow ones. If you hit a purple one, turn around. Once you follow all of the yellow arrows, two more yellow arrows will point to a patch of loose dirt. Dig in it to unearth a key, which can be used at an altar nearby. You'll then need to give certain crafting items to the altar, which can be bought at Erebor.
  • Character location: East of Rivendell, there is a location called the High Pass. Make your way down the Lego cliff. At the bottom, there is a gap, and on the other side, you'll have to climb up to reach the character.
  • Red Brick Price: 1,500,000 studs

x6 Studs

  • Item needed: Mithril Construction Hat
  • Schematic location: Head down the path between Dol Guldur and Rhovanion, until you reach the goblin wall. Take control of a goblin character and climb to the top. You'll then have to cross a series of platforms, plant a flower to reach some jump pads, and just the jump pads to reach a path in the mountains. The path leads to a cave and a block puzzle. Solve the puzzle by getting the block to the edge. Then, start a fire. Finally, destroy the chest to get the schematic.
  • Character location: South of Moria, the character waits near a tent by the shore.
  • Red Brick Price: 4,500,000 studs

x8 Studs

  • Item needed: Mithril Beanstalk
  • Schematic location: To the south of Rivendell, there is a location called the Pass of Caradhras. Mithril rocks bar the way into a cave. Destroy them, enter the cave, and look for the schematic near a snowman.
  • Character location: Along the southern path between Hobbiton and Bree, the character is waiting near the cliff.
  • Red Brick Price: 10,000,000 studs

x10 Studs

  • Item needed: Mithril Candle Staff
  • Schematic location: In the forest south of Dol Guldur, a cave is blocked by sparkling wooden boards. Take control of Bilbo and use the ring to get inside. Once there, you must dig in a path of loose dirt to the right, shoot a target to the left, and break bricks to the front left, and you will get three keys. Use the keys on the altar in the cave.
  • Character location: Once you've finished all other optional quests, go to the forest west of Dol Guldur to encounter this character.
  • Red Brick Price: 20,000,000 studs

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