Easy Wins for FIFA Soccer 13 on Wii U (WiiU)

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Easy Wins

Heading into the options menu and tinkering with the CPU player's values is all it takes to ensure yourself a guaranteed win in FIFA 13 (and make yourself look like a pro in front of your friends).

Enter the following values for the CPU players to have them do everything in slow motion and be utterly useless on the pitch:

Speed: 0

Acceleration: 0

Shot fail: 100

Pass fail: 100

Shot speed: 0

Pass speed: 0

And now enter the opposite values in User Customization for your own players:

Speed: 100

Acceleration: 100

Shot fail: 0

Pass fail: 0

Shot speed: 100

Pass speed: 100

You'll now be a football god playing amongst a bunch of amoeba-like opponents. Enjoy.

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