Intel Locations for Call of Duty: Black Ops II on Wii U (WiiU)

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Intel Locations

Here are the locations of all 33 intels found in the game. You won't actually get credit for finding them until you've completed the mission.

Mission 1: Pyrrhic Victory

1. To the right of the overturned armored transport carrier.

2. Near the front of the ship, in a corner to the right. You'll need to climb the ladder to reach it.

3. Near the end of the mission you'll come across two sniper towers. The intel is inside the smaller of the two towers.

Mission 2: Celerium

4. Take control of the drone at the helipad to have a room open to the left. The intel is inside that room.

5. You'll see a reception desk inside the underground facility, inside the room with the large staircase. Through the reception window you can grab the intel from off the desk.

6. Kill off all the enemies after meeting the scientist and a room will open up at the opposite end of the area. The intel is inside that room on the desk.

Mission 3: Old Wounds

7. The intel is on the cave wall near some NPC's.

8. Found at the base of a red flag with a weapon crate and giant rock behind it.

9. In the ravine with the wooden bridges, you'll see a small path leading up into the hills near the first bridge. Up there is a cave, and to the right of that, the intel.

Mission 4: Time and Fate

10. Behind the burning barn, in behind the wagon.

11. Inside the bell tower near the start of the mission. The intel is on a small platform reachable from the second ladder. You'll need to jump to the platform to grab it.

12. Inside the cocaine lab in the underground facility, the intel is in a small room off to the left.

Mission 5: Fallen Angel

13. In the very first room of the mission, to your right.

14. Open the gate and look for a small compartment to the right containing the intel.

15. Straight ahead once you leave the water via the drone.

Mission 6: Karma

16. On a desk in the server room, found after having your eyes scanned.

17. Behind the counter of a store called d'Ho inside the mall.

18. Hug the right walls outside the mall and head past the bat until you reach a small computer with the initials LKH, and the intel beside it.

Mission 7: Suffer With Me

19. Cross the warehouse catwalks and make your way into the small room with the stairs leading down. The intel is on the shelves in that room.

20. Inside the red building with the burning dumpster outside. You can't miss it.

21. After the following cutscene, you'll find the next intel on the table in the next room of the building.

Mission 8: Achilles' Veil

22. Found in the courtyard's tower at the start of the mission. Head up the stairs to reach it.

23. Found in a small room off the alley as you round the corner, with the gunman shooting at you. You can reach it by jumping on the boxes.

24. You'll see two white houses on the nearby cliffs. The roof of the second house has the intel on it.

Mission 9: Odysseus

25. Found on the ship's bridge, near the right windows.

26. After finding Briggs, hug the right wall until you come across a staircase. Up the stairs and to your right is the intel.

27. The intel is located inside one of the VTOL's on the ship's flight deck. Look inside the open door to find it.

Mission 10: Cordis Die

28. On the ground beside an exploded SUV near your starting area on the highway.

29. As you're driving you'll come across a building on your left. Hop out of the truck and head inside the building to find the intel on the desk.

30. Go to the Dale's Jewelry store and head up the stairs outside to find a t-shirt stand. On the bottom shelf of the stand you'll find the intel.

Mission 11: Judgement Day

31. Go up one level from the starting area and head to the building marked '27' to the right. The intel is on a desk inside that building.

32. Use the middle set of stairs from the control room to head up three levels and then make your way down the aisle to the left where you'll find the intel sitting on a desk.

33. Inside the circular room with stairs leading up and down, take the stairs down. Hug the wall at the bottom until you come across a crate containing the intel.

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