Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Cheats on Wii U (WiiU)

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Cheat Codes and Rewards Cheats

When you start a new game, using one of the following cheat codes as your file name will give you the corresponding effect or reward. The game has an audio cue telling you your cheat code has been entered correctly and accepted.

Note: cheat codes are case sensitive and only one can be active per save file; renaming your save file will not have an effect. The one exception to this rule is the “NIGHTMARE” cheat, which permanently unlocks the ability to choose between all difficulties for any save file.

TEAMFAT – “A Kinda Funny Mask” accessory

BIGHEAD – Big Head mode

AWESOMEVIDEOGAMES – “Big Mustache” accessory

JEPSON – “Clockwork Blade” weapon

ALPHAOMEGASIN – “Darkness Descends” weapon

Akuma – “Dominus” weapon

INTHEBATHROOM – “Dumping Helmet”

DUNGEONITE – “Dungeonite Sword” weapon

TheSpeedGamers – “Final Hour” weapon

8MEGAPOWER – “Game Sack Strip” weapon

EGGFARM – “Guardian Egg Helm”

NIGHTMARE – Hard/Nightmare difficulty modes

Egoraptor – “Hey I’m Grump” accessory

Grumps – “I’m Not So Grump” accessory

Jarvis Meower – “Mega64 Helmet”

swimmingbird – “Plague Doctor Face” accessory

STEPHENPLAYS – “Sicilian Slicer” weapon

chuggaaconroy – “Space Helmet”

BULLFIGHTER – “The-Baz Mask” accessory

SPONGYVINE – “Vine Sword” weapon

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