Umbran Crows Guide for Bayonetta 2 on Wii U (WiiU)

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Umbran Crows Guide

Search the locations described below to find all of the Umbran Crows. Approach a Crow slowly to get rewards for both the game and Miiverse.

Chapter 1

  • Umbran Crow 1 - Head to the left of the stairs and follow the path toward the docks.
  • Umbran Crow 2 - On the other side of the square, it should be near a Muspelheim.
  • Umbran Crow 3 - In Verse 7, it should be right ahead of you after the battle with Valiance.

Chapter 2

  • Umbran Crow 4 - Talk to Loki in Verse 3. After the resulting cutscene, go through the doors ahead.

Chapter 4

  • Umbran Crow 5 - After Verse 5, smash open the door before you and head to the upper-left corner.

Chapter 5

  • Umbran Crow 6 - After you save Loki, cross the water to your left.
  • Umbran Crow 7 - After Verse 3, go to the upper level, cross the water, and leave the room. It is in the doorway.
  • Umbran Crow 8 - After Verse 7, go up the stairs and search the rocky area to your left.

Chapter 7

  • Umbran Crow 9 - After Verse 2, there is a small gap in the ceiling with a crow inside.

Chapter 8

  • Umbran Crow 10 - During Verse 3, pass the Gates of Hell and head left.
  • Umbran Crow 11 - After Verse 9, once the water arrives, look up.

Chapter 9

  • Umbran Crow 12 - After Verse 2, search the broken column on the left side of the building in front of you.
  • Umbran Crow 13 - After Verse 4, look right in front of you after you leave the portal.

Chapter 10

  • Umbran Crow 14 - After Verse 2, make your way between you and the rock formation ahead.
  • Umbran Crow 15 - Right ahead of Verse 9, a Crow is right beside a Muspelheim Portal.

Chapter 13

  • Umbran Crow 16 - After Verse 1, backtrack and head outside to find the Crow sitting on a structure.
  • Umbran Crow 17 - After Verse 8, as you make your way to the castle, look at the broken bridge.
  • Umbran Crow 18 - After Verse 13, climb up the statues and break through the Golem Wall.

Chapter 15

  • Umbran Crow 19 - After you fight the Loptr, head back toward the edge.

Chapter 16

  • Umbran Crow 20 - After Verse 3, go to the stairs with Balder and search the left side.

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