Journal's Echoes Guide for Bayonetta 2 on Wii U (WiiU)

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Journal's Echoes Guide

Search the locations described below to find all of the Journal's Echoes.

Chapter 1

  • Journal Echo 1 - Head left of the stairs and move along the path toward the docks to find it.
  • Journal Echo 2 - The next one is on the upper level above the stairs.
  • Journal Echo 3 - On the other side of the square, it should be near a Muspelheim.
  • Journal Echo 4 - After you finish Verse 1, search the alley by the water.
  • Journal Echo 5 - Just before Verse 2, look along the path behind you.
  • Journal Echo 6 - Once you finish Verse 6, there should be a Witch Walk Portal nearby. The Journal Echo is in front of it.
  • Journal Echo 7 - After Verse 9, search the cubicles along the right side of the church.
  • Journal Echo 8 - Search the church's second room to find the last one in this chapter.

Chapter 2

  • Journal Echo 9 - After Verse 2, head left and search the area before you follow Loki.
  • Journal Echo 10 - Talk to Loki in Verse 3. Watch the resulting cutscene and then go straight ahead through a set of doors to find the next Journal Echo.

Chapter 4

  • Journal Echo 11 - At the very beginning, search the hole in the roof.

Chapter 5

  • Journal Echo 12 - Save Loki, watch the cutscene, and then search the platform's right side.
  • Journal Echo 13 - After Verse 3, go to the upper level, cross the water, and leave the room. There should be an Umbran Crow nearby. The Journal Echo is in front of it.
  • Journal Echo 14 - In Verse 4, after you fight Pain and the water starts to rise, look around the central area.
  • Journal Echo 15 - After Verse 8, pick up the Journal Echo from beyond the Muspelheim before you talk to Loki.

Chapter 7

  • Journal Echo 16 - Once you're pulled into the monster, cut through the junk behind you.

Chapter 8

  • Journal Echo 17 - The next one is right in front of where you start the chapter.
  • Journal Echo 18 - After Verse 2, go up the stairs.
  • Journal Echo 19 - After Verse 4, as you head through the waterfall with Loki, search the broken path to find the next one.
  • Journal Echo 20 - The last one in this chapter is in the same area of the Golem battle.

Chapter 10

  • Journal Echo 21 - A Journal Echo is right in front of where you start the chapter.
  • Journal Echo 22 - The next is at the end of the first centipede bridge.

Chapter 13

  • Journal Echo 23 - After Verse 1, backtrack and head outside to grab a Journal Echo.
  • Journal Echo 24 - After Verse 6, backtrack to find the next one.

Chapter 14

  • Journal Echo 25 - At the start of the chapter, head left. It should be next to a treasure chest.

Chapter 16

  • Journal Echo 26 - Search the starting area of the Sacred Mountain Fimbulventr.

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