Pinkney Plaques Location Guide for Batman: Arkham Origins on Wii U (WiiU)

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Pinkney Plaques Location Guide

This game features an optional sidequest in which you have to seek out eight Pinkney Plaques and scan them with your detective vision. The plaques are located at the areas described below.

  1. Old Gotham Cathedral - Park Row: It's on the back of the church's tower. You will need to climb to the roof to find it.
  2. Solomon Wayne Courthouse - Park Row: It's on the back of a horse statue. To reach the statue, start at the courthouse and head west.
  3. Pioneers Statue - Jezebel Mall - Bowery: It's beneath the huge bell above the bank.
  4. Gotham Rail - Amusement Mile: It's in the small gated area on the south side of the Gotham PD building's roof.
  5. Jezebel Theater - Bowery: It's hidden to the left of the theater doors.
  6. Pioneers Bridge - Gotham Bridge: It's near the center of the bridge, on top of its eastern rod.
  7. Cyrus Pinkney School Of The Arts - Coventry: It's at the southern rod on the ground floor. The area is near the junction between the highway and the factory.
  8. Cyrus Pinkney's Crypt - Burnley: It can be found in a crypt on Burnley's eastern shore, but only after you have scanned all the other plaques. It is close to the tomb.

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