Cheats for NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch

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Getting Locker Codes

While NBA 2K18 doesn’t have traditional permanent cheat codes, it does have a variation called Locker Codes, which give you rewards. To enter a code, go to “Options,” then to “Features,” and then “Locker Codes.”

But how do you get Locker Codes?

The thing about Locker Codes is that they are released regularly, and are either available in limited quantities (meaning that once a certain number of players use them, the codes won’t work for anyone else who tries) or available for only a limited amount of time. As such, there’s no list of Locker Codes.

Locker Codes are often distributed by:

  • The official NBA 2K Twitter account -
  • Ronnie Singh’s Twitter account -
  • Other fans giving away their codes

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