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  • Рейтинги: ESRB M
  • Впервые выпущен: Mar 25, 2021

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Keep Your Weapons Sharp Подсказки

Your weapons will become dull as you attack monsters. You must attract a whetstone to your radial wheel. This will allow you to sharpen your weapons when needed.

Keeping your weapon sharp will allow you to penetrate monsters' armor when you attack. A dull blade could be the difference between you defeating a monster or being defeated.

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Unlimited Items Cheat Коды

This cheat works on Nintendo. In the game, you must head to the market and find “Kagero the Merchant.” Approach him, and a list of options will appear on your screen. Select “ Read amiibo.” 

You are only allowed to read 3 amiibo cards a day, which you must scan to win free items in the lottery.  Once you have scanned your 3 amiibo cards and won items in the lottery, you must minimize your game, go into your Nintendo system settings, and select “system.”

Once you are in your system settings, go to “ date and time” and change the date to the next day. You must then go back into your game and find the merchant. You will then be able to read 3 more amiibo cards and have 3 more scans for the lottery.

This cheat can be repeated as many times as you want and will give you access to unlimited items.

TagBack TV takes you through a cheat to unlimited access to items in 365 Monster Hunter Rise


Item Box Glitch( Nintendo Switch) Сбои

Load the game and go to your item box, and press “A” to open your item box. A menu will pop up that has a few settings. Select “manage items” this will bring a sub-menu, and you must click on “sell items menu.”

This will bring up a list of all the items in your box. You must bring up the auto sort button, do this by clicking the “-” button. You must click “yes” when it asks you permission to sort your items.

Click the page left button, the left shoulder button, to take you to your last page of items. 

You must keep paging left until you find a page with some items on it.

Look for egg-shaped items in your box, these could either be a silver egg, golden egg, or steel egg.

Click on an egg in your item box and press the “y” button. This will bring up a submenu where you must select “sell an item.” You must then press the “↓” arrow on your D-pad. The quantity will turn red, and you must press “A” to confirm.

You must repeat this step with all the eggs in your on the page. You must then look for items on that page that have numbers next to them. The numbers will appear on the right-hand corner of the item, and they must be bigger than “10”.

The items that have a higher quantity number of “10” selected one of them. There is another value that the item must have for this glitch to work. 

You can find the value at the bottom of the item menu that pops up when you select the item. The item will have a certain amount of “z” under the values allocation. This glitch will only work with items that have a “500z” or higher.

Select the item and click on the sell button. Press the “↓” button, and you will notice the quantity will go red. You must then press the left button on the D-pad and press “A” to confirm it. 

iixxion takes you through a infinite money glitch in Monster Hunter Rise.


Sun Break Glitch Сбои

While playing the level Sun break in Monster Hunter Rise, players experience a glitch when they reach a certain point on the level. The game will simply freeze and say “ loading.. Don’t quit the game,” and this message will disappear from the screen.

Nintendo Sphere shows you a glitch in Monster Hunters Rise


How to capture a monster Руководства

In Monster Hunter Rise, you can either hunt monsters and kill them, or you have an option to capture your own monsters. You will only be able to capture a monster when it is tired. 

The way to tell when a monster is tired is by a blue icon that will appear around their image on the map. There is a palico that can be spotted on the right of your screen that will also indicate when a monster is tired and ready to be captured.

When attacking a monster, you will notice that it will try to run away from you in order to regain its strength. This is a telltale sign that the monster is tired, and you will be able to capture it.

In order to capture a monster, you will need a few items. To catch any monster, you will need a trap or a tranquilizing bomb. There are two different types of traps that you can build to capture your monster, a shock trap, and a pitfall trap.

To make a trap, you will need to purchase a trap tool from the merchant at the market. You will also need a net or a thunder bug, which you will combine with the trap tool to craft your very own trap at your item box.

Make sure that once you have crafted your traps, place them in your inventory so that you will always be prepared to set a trap and capture a monster.

Once your traps are completed, you will need to gather a few resources to craft your own tranquilizing bombs. You must harvest Sleep herbs and Parashrooms and combine them in your item box to create a tranquilizing bomb.

You must place a shock trap underneath a monster during a battle when you notice that they are tiring. Your pitfall traps can also be placed in an area surrounding the monster, and you will have to lure them into your trap.

Once a monster has fallen into your trap, you must use your tranquilizing bomb and throw it at the monster's head. You will have to knock the monster out, and you will then have successfully captured a monster.

Gaming with Abyss shows you how to capture a monster


Monster's weak point Подсказки

When you are fighting a monster, you will notice that there will be bright yellow numbers that will occur on the monster.

These yellow numbers are the monster's weak points. Target those areas when you are attacking monsters, and you will defeat that monster.

Broomstick Gaming shares some tips and tricks in Monster Hunter Rise.


How To Craft Weapons and Armour Руководства

Crafting weapons and armor in Monster Hunters Rise will require you to source specific materials that are needed to complete a weapon or piece of armor. The materials you will need to collect are mainly monster parts, ore, and bones.

As you progress throughout the game, you must forge armory from the previous monster you have defeated to take on the next. Upgrading and forging weaponry and armor is a constant throughout the game.

To forge weapons and armor, you will need to find a blacksmith. You will find the x blacksmith in the Kamaru Village, and you must click on him and select the option “forge.” 

To forge armor, the blacksmith will provide you with a list of items that you will need. Each monster that you defeat will allow you to harvest pieces of their armour which the blacksmith can forge for you by selecting the "forge” option when you talk to him.

WizardVava Gaming takes you through a guide on how to forge weapons.


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