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Slide Подсказки

When you are in the challenge arena and want an advantage over the other players. You must first jump in the air by pressing the "jump" button. While you are in the air, you must again press the “jump” button, and it will cause your player to slide.

By using this tip, you will be able to smash through blocks and slide under obstacles. 

Xtron X takes you through some tips and tricks in Stumble guys

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Leave after you lose Подсказки

When you lose a challenge, you must tap the leave button on the menu and immediately drop out of the level.

You must then collect your rewards, and you must then reload the level and start the level again.

MrKellow shows you some tips and tricks in stumble guys.

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Icy Heights Glitch Сбои

On the level Icy Heights, when you are racing other players, you must slide down a ramp at the start of the race.

Your player will be launched into the air, and when landing, your player will fall through the floor.

You will be reloaded on the icy raceway after falling through the floor.

MRYT GAMING shows you a glitch that occurs on the level Icy Heights in Stumble Guys.

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Watch other player's Подсказки

When you are in the arena map and you are faced with an obstacle that is tricky.

You must look at what the other players are doing. You must observe the mistakes the other players are making, and you must try a different approach.

It is important to observe different techniques players use and copy their tactics. Some players will have mastered certain skills and hacks that you can use to your advantage.

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Avoid other player's Подсказки

When you are in the challenge arena, you must avoid players that have a boxing glove emote or a heart emote.

These players will punch your player or throw you out of the area, and you will lose the challenge.

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How to punch and grab Руководства

When you are playing Stumble Guys, you will notice that other players can punch and grab each other during the race. 

In order to gain an advantage over your opponents, you must be able to punch and grab your opponents. 

This function is hidden in the game and can be done by using specific emotes.

You will have to unlock these functions at the Stumble Pass. Once you have used these emotes, it will cause your specific player to execute the intended action.

The punching emote is depicted as a boxing glove, and using this emote will cause the other players in the immediate area to get knocked back.

This emote will sometimes cause the other characters to fall out of the stage.

The grabbing emote is depicted as a heart. This emote will allow you to grab other players. This emote will allow you to pick the other character up and carry them wherever you intend.

There are two ways in which you are able to unlock these emotes. The first way will require you to gather stars in gameplay. By collecting stars, you will be able to unlock different bonuses that are found in the Stumble Pass.

The second way to unlock the emotes is to use gems. You can collect gems by watching advertisements that appear in the game, or you can also buy gems by purchasing them.

KyuZae shows you a guide on how to punch in Stumble Guys.

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How to grab and run Руководства

You will need to be able to grab and run in Stumble Guys. It is an important skill that you will need to execute in order to conquer obstacle courses. The skill will assist you when you have to move over walls or ramps. 

A challenge that you will face is timing, and when you want to grab a player or item, it can be tricky. You will not be able to grab onto an item by simply just pressing the grab button. 

In order for you to grab a character or an item, your hands must be facing towards the spot or character you want to grab, and then you must press the grab button. Your hands will then latch onto the spot or item.

After you have latched onto the item, you will be able to grab it and act with it. If you keep trying, you will end up picking the mechanic up quite quickly. 

When you are in the gameplay at the challenge arena-based maps, this is where you will come up against other players in close proximity. You can use this skill to steal soccer balls during the match or by taking other players’ resources.

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Feet Glitch Сбои

In the game Stumble Guys, there is a glitch that occurs on the level “Jungle Roll.” You must first load the level, and at the start of the level, you will see a Jungle roll bridge.

Before you reach the bridge, you must first stand in the mud puddle with your character, and then you must then go to the jungle roll bridge. 

You will notice that your feet will not leave marks on the ground after walking in the mud. If you walk on the grass on the right-hand side of the map and avoid the mud, a glitch will occur. 

After walking on the grass, you must walk to the jungle roll bridge and once on the bridge, you will notice that your feet will now leave foot marks on the ground.

Stumble Tips TV shows you a glitch that occurs in Stumble Guys.


Honey Drop Glitch Сбои

On the level Honey Drop, you must climb up a branch on the sticks surrounding the honeycomb.

Once you are on the branches, you must then drop down from the branch, and your character must fall into the honeycomb. 

When your character lands in the honeycomb, it will disappear, and you will have to move out of the honeycomb in order for your character to reappear.

MRYT GAMING shows you a glitch that occurs in Stumble Guys.


Superman Glitch Сбои

In Stumble Guys, when your character jumps from a height or from a ledge to another ledge.

You must press the 'slide button' in the air and your character will act like Superman and put their arm in front of them and fly.

Harsh Tatsuya shows you a Superman glitch in Stumble Guys.


Barrier Glitch Сбои

When you are racing other players to finish an obstacle course. Jump on the outside barrier of the obstacle arena.

By jumping on the outside barrier, you will avoid the obstacle and go around the course. You must go around the finish line barrier, and the game will say that you win. If you are the first player to cross the finish line.

This glitch allows a player to finish faster than other players and finish the race faster.

Blade YT shows you some glitches in Stumble Guys.


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