Wreckfest Unlockables on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

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Unlock All Cars Unlockables

By playing through Career mode and completing challenges, you’ll be able to unlock several new cars. To unlock them, you must meet the requirements described below.

  • Lawnmower – Complete the “Eat Dirt!” event of Regional Juniors
  • Tristar – Complete the “Mean Machine” event of Regional Juniors
  • Sofa Car – Complete the “Couch Craze” event of Regional Juniors
  • Supervan – Complete the “The Great Escape” event of National Amateurs
  • Rammer RS – Complete the “Ramming It Down” event of National Amateurs
  • Harvester – Complete the “Harvesters From Hell” event of National Amateurs
  • Limo – Complete the “Limousine Demolition” event of National Amateurs
  • School Bus – Complete the “Destroy All Supervans” event of Challengers
  • KillerBeeS – Complete the “Attack of the Killer B” event of Challengers
  • Motorhome – Complete the “Motorhome Madness” event of Challengers
  • Double Decker – Complete the “Double Trouble” event of Pros Internationals
  • Boomer RS – Complete the “The Underdog” event of Pros Internationals
  • Big Rig – Complete the “The Convoy” event of Pro Internationals
  • Roadslayer GT – Complete the “Slaying the Road” event of World Masters
  • Venom – Complete the “Twisted Chaos” event of World Masters

Additionally, the Bandit and Bandit V8 Ripper were unlockable as preorder bonuses. Other cars are available through DLC packs or buy purchasing them from the market or tournament store.

There is also a Christmas-themed skin of the Harvester, called the Harvesteri, but this was only available for a limited time during December 2018.

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Unlock Parts Unlockables

Completing any event in the top 3 spots earns you a random part for a random car.

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