Watch_Dogs Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Hacking for Cash Hints

If you're low on money, you can play poker in the Loop and hack into the security camera to see your opponents' cards. You can also hack into the bank accounts of rich NPCs to get more money. Getting more money should never be a big problem, so don't save it when there are things you need to buy.

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Open Your World Hints

Don't explore the city right away. Instead, complete the "Open Your World" mission, to open up all of your skill possibilities.

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Hacking Trains Hints

If you have lost your vehicle or need to get somewhere fast (or if you are being chased), you can hack trains at any point on the tracks to start/stop them. If you're up high, you can hop on the roof of the train instead.

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Hacking Cameras Hints

Hack into cameras to see where your enemies are and kill them from a distance. Use stealth whenever possible. You can lure enemies into traps, trigger their own grenades, and more. Silenced weapons are also an option.

In addition to being useful in combat, hacking cameras can also help you find new paths for you to take and unlock doors. You can move from camera to camera, and even move to a camera in a different building.

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Using Blackout Hints

If you're in a tough fight, knock out the power with a blackout. Your enemies will be startled and disoriented, which will give you the advantage.

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Using Grenade Launcher Hints

Keep a grenade launcher with you in case you find yourself up against tough enemies or enemies in vehicles. You should always have a silenced pistol and an assault rifle with you, as well. Having good weapons should be your priority.

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Hack the Blues Hints

When you use the hacking profile, some people will be marked with a blue box. It is beneficial to hack these people you might get money or unlockable vehicles/weapons/songs.

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Using Skill Points Hints

Focus is a very useful skill. It's a good idea to unlock it as soon as you can, so you can use it to slow down time and plan out your strategies.

Be sure to devote some of your skill points toward driving, as you can't use a weapon while in a vehicle. You'll want to increase your vehicle's defense, and pick out a few other upgrades to secure yourself on the road.

Once you've use some skill points on Focus and driving, you should concentrate on your hacking skills. Crafting is another useful skill to improve, and you might want to prepare for tougher battles later on by unlocking the skill that will allow your melee attacks to kill enforcers.

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Hack ctOS Stations Hints

As soon as you can, hack into the ctOS stations and towers to expand your reach across the city, enable fast-travel, and get new sidequests.

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Hacking for Rooftops Hints

Hack lifts and forklifts to carry yourself up to rooftops. Once you reach the roof, lower the lift/forklift so your opponents (whether they are NPCs or other players in multiplayer) won't be sure you've gone up. Use your high vantage point to keep an eye on them and take them by surprise.

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Reputation Ranks Hints

You receive Reputation ranks when you earn a certain amount of Reputation points.

  • Incognito - 0 points

Good Points

  • Protector - 5 points
  • Vigilante - 10 points
  • Sentinel - 25 points

Bad Points

  • Anarchist - 5 points
  • Menace - 10 points

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