Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Basic Multiplayer Tips Hints

Healing is not automatic. You will need to manually heal, so keep an eye on your health.

Kills and assists are combined and give the same amount of XP in this game, so don’t worry about “stealing” kills. Instead, work together with your teammates and try to have allies nearby.

Cover is important. Try to stay behind cover when you can, and use cover to shield yourself while moving from place to place.

Try out different Specialists and complete their missions to see which you like playing as the most.

Attachments and Perks are two ways you can improve yourself and both cost class points to use.

If you’re trying to level up quickly, Harpoint and Domination usually provide the most XP.

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Basic Blackout Tips Hints

After you dive, you can actually glide for quite a while. Once you dive partway, tilt yourself upwards to pick up wind and glide. This essentially allows you to fly, so you should be able to reach any part of the map you want to go to.

Jumping from a high enough location will allow you to glide again.

You can swim, but you can only stay underwater for a brief period of time. It is also possible to swim faster by using the sprint button.

Your first priority should be getting a gun, because there might be other players nearby. Anything else can wait until you’re able to defend yourself.

Doors start out closed, so an open door might be a sign that another player is in the building.

Stay away from wide open areas. You’ll be an easy target out there. Try to stay inside as much as possible, and use cover when you can.

Among the many things you’ll find, you’ll come across perks. Since you have limited inventory space and perk effects last a while, it’s often better to use these perks right away instead of saving them for later.

A blue beam marks the location of a Mystery Box, which will be guarded by zombies. It contains good items, so you’ll need to decide if the reward is worth the risk.

Weapon and item spawns are randomized, so you can’t count on memorizing the locations of good weapons and returning to those spots.

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