A Plague Tale: Innocence Easter Eggs on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Here are our Easter Eggs for A Plague Tale: Innocence on Playstation 4. The most trustworthy items get the most 'thumbs up' from our users and appear nearer the top!

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Early sequel tease Easter Eggs

The sequel was actually teased in an easily missable secret in the game’s epilogue, as there was a brief shot of a boat in the final scene. That on its own wouldn’t have been anything significant, except that the developer and published teased a new project shortly afterwards with the image of the same boat.

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References (Lord of the Rings, Dark Souls, God of War, Inception) Easter Eggs

Numerous small references are hidden throughout the game:

  • An axe that strongly resembles the axe used by Kratos in God of War (2018)
  • A sword stuck into a brazier/bonfire as a reference to the bonfires in Dark Souls
  • The One Ring from Lord of the Rings visible on a desk with the right camera angle
  • A spinning top in the dream sequence, as a reference to Inception
  • Others that may or may not be references, such as a comment about a monster in a well (possible reference to The Ring) and promotional shots similar to those for The Walking Dead

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Purpose of the flowers Easter Eggs

The flower collectibles might be a nod to an old, misguided belief that flowers could ward away the plague by purifying the air.

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