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Nawiguj za pomocą przycisków powyżej lub przewiń w dół, aby przeglądać Arcadegeddon cheatów , które mamy dostępne dla PC. Najbardziej godne zaufania pozycje dostają najwięcej 'kciuków w górę' od naszych użytkowników i pojawiają się bliżej góry!

Mamy 9 zgłoszeń użytkowników do tej gry na tej platformie w tej chwili.

Jeśli masz coś do przekazania,Prześlij trochę treści!

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  • Po raz pierwszy wydany: Jul 8, 2021

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Arcadegeddon Cheats Cheaty

Thanks to other players, there have been cheats that have been created that will help you in your gameplay and strive to be the best. A cheat engine can be downloaded online that will give you access to cheats, make sure that you are downloading it from a reliable source. Once you have installed the cheat engine, it can give you access to cheats such as:

  1. God Mode
  2. Infinite Energy
  3. Infinite Ammo
  4. Infinite Clip
  5. No Recoil
  6. No Spread
  7. Enable Automatic Fire
  8. Enable Bullet Magnetism
  9. Set Weapon Quality to Max
  10. Infinite Jumps
  11. Infinite Coins 
  12. Fast Movement 


Arcadegeddon Weapons Unlockables

Being a combat game, Arcadegeddon offers a multitude of weapons that you can get that will suit your playstyle. Here is a list of the weapons that are offered in Arcadegeddon. Keep your eyes out for one that you would like:


  1. Light gun
  2. Outlaw
  3. Tracker

Sub Machine Guns:

  1. Ice Chipper
  2. The Melter

Assault Rifles:

  1. Grunt
  2. Hunter
  3. Master Blaster


  1. Magma Cannon
  2. Slicer
  3. Overclocker
  4. Frosty Fraggins

Sniper Rifles:

  1. Eraser
  2. The Long Winter
  3. The Professional
  4. Power Surge

Rocket Launchers:

  1. The Cold Shoulder
  2. Vaporizer
  3. Ex Machina
  4. Thermal Devastator

Grenade Launchers:

  1. Shocker V11.1
  2. Scotsman
  3. Lobber

Melee Weapons:

  1. Slugger

Support Weapons:

  1. The Good Doctor
  2. Party Favor

Unique Types:

  1. Aperture 3 (fires saw blades that bounce off walls)
  2. BDE 9000
  3. Gillytine (A large sword)
  4. Incinerator (A Flamethrower)
  5. Indiscriminator (A rocket Launcher) 


Take Your Time Wskazówki

Although Arcadegeddon is a fast past looter-shooter-type game, one of the mistakes new players make is that they do not slow down a little bit and take their time. Move as quickly as you can through areas while killing enemies, but take the time to inspect your surroundings and make sure that there is not anything that you have missed. Knowing your surroundings will help you progress easier, and you might even find loot that you missed at an earlier stage.


Test Out Different Weapons Wskazówki

Being a game that drops a good amount of loot, you might just find your favorite weapon early on, which is a great thing. This can hinder you. However, this can limit your damage and progression if you stick to just one weapon. Make sure that you test out all the weapons that the game has to offer to find out which weapon works in different situations. This will help you progress through the game a lot easier while learning the ropes. Arcadegeddon spawns in enemies very often, so you should not have a lack of test subjects for the weapons that you find lying around.


Take Quests Before A Run Wskazówki

Before you head out on a run, make sure to accept a quest from one of the NPCs located in your hub area. This will help you get the best of each run and make sure that you are on the right track to becoming the best out there. There are multiple quest givers in your hub, and each of them have their own quest line. Switching quest lines will not erase how far you have gone in another one, so feel free to switch it up as your need. Each quest will need to be completed in one run, so make sure that you know which quest you have and focus on completing it in your next run.

Spragels tell us about quests and quest lines


Utilize What You Have Wskazówki

The structure of the game is based around runs. What this means is that when you start a run, you will start with almost nothing and collect ammo and weapons on the way. This also works in reverse. What you collect in the run will most likely not help you outside of the run, barring collectibles such as cosmetics. So make sure that you are using what you have and utilizing the ammo you have collected, as it will not come with you once you have completed the run. 


Save your ammo early on Wskazówki

One of the best tips out there is to make sure that you have ammo for later on, so early in your run, when there are less enemies and they do less damage, pull out your bat. Early on in your run, running around with your bat and beating your opponents will help you save on a ton of ammo and likely will not have a problem with ammo later on in your run. Unfortunately, later on in your run, enemies do more damage and can be harder to kill with the bat. That is why it is recommended to do it early on to save up those ammo clips.

Spragels shows us how to save on ammo early on.


Keep your eye on your hacks Wskazówki

Throughout your run, you will find hacks from crates and chests. Make sure that you keep an eye on which you have collected in your run, as the hacks can help you out a ton if you are using the best weapon that works with those hacks. Make sure that the weapon that you are using works well with your hacks. If you do this, you will notice that your runs become a lot easier, and it will be a ton better for killing those pesky enemies that are hunting you down.

Spragels tells us how to utilize hacks


Plan for the future Wskazówki

When you start out on a run, you will be given two weapons that you can use and have a third slot open. One of the best configurations to use with regards to weapons is having two weapons that you can find ammo for and in your third slot, find a special weapon. Special weapons are weapons that you cannot pick up ammo for. They have a finite amount of ammo for each run. The reason behind having this weapon is that if you ever find yourself in a bind, they are very handy at helping you out of that spot. They mostly do more damage or more splash damage than the regular weapons.

Spragels tells us about the special weapons.


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