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Last Updated: March 27, 2023

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  • First Released: Aug 12, 2021

Green Crystal Hat

Easter Eggs

One of the cosmetics that are offered in Upgun is a hat which you can obtain, the hat is in the form of a floating green Crystal that hovers above your head. This crystal is very similar to one that is from the game franchise The Sims, in which each person has a similar crystal floating above their head.

The Diamond Helmet Cosmetic

Easter Eggs

Once again, this easter egg is in the form of one of the hat cosmetics which you can acquire. This time, it is the Diamond Helmet Cosmetic. If you take a look at this cosmetic, you will notice that it is strikingly similar to that of the diamond Helmet that you can craft in the infinitely popular game Minecraft. So if you are a fan of Minecraft, take some time to have a look at the cosmetic and maybe even acquire it.

Traffic Cone Hat

Easter Eggs

Another cosmetic that is available in the game is the traffic cone hat. This traffic cone hat bears a very similar resemblance to that of the VLC Media player emblem, which is also a traffic cone. Could this be a reference to VLC Media Player? That's up to you to decide.

Items to Obtain


Being a multiplayer shooter, Upgun offers you the opportunity to change the appearance of the game in the form of your character's armour. Here is a list of armours that you can obtain in-game to change your appearance:

  • Bright Red Armour
  • Red Armour
  • Dark Red Armour
  • Light Purple Armour #1
  • Light Purple Armour #2
  • Cyan Armour
  • Blue Sky Armour
  • Weird Blue Armour
  • Indigo Armour
  • Light Yellow Armour
  • Yellow Armour
  • Dark Yellow Armour
  • White Armour
  • Grey Armour
  • Dark Grey Armour
  • Really White Armour
  • Salmon Armour
  • Pink Armour
  • Bright Pink Armour
  • Bright Orange Armour
  • Orange Armour
  • Brown Armour
  • Dark Brown Armour
  • Pine Green Armour
  • Lime Armour
  • Bright Green Armour
  • Kaki Armour
  • Static Noise Armour
  • PewDiePie inspired Pattern Original
  • Blue PewDiePie inspired Pattern
  • Green PewDiePie inspired Pattern
  • Pink PewDiePie inspired Pattern
  • Yellow PewDiePie inspired Pattern
  • Blue-Purple Gradient Armour
  • Red-Yellow Gradient Armour
  • Pink-Yellow Gradient Armour
  • Blue Gradient Armour
  • Green-Purple Gradient Armour
  • Green Gradient Armour
  • Grey Gradient Armour
  • Kaki Camo Armour
  • Green Camo Armour
  • Ocean Camo Armour
  • Desert Camo Armour
  • Pink Camo Armour
  • 1880 Camo Armour
  • Classic Ska Armour
  • Red Checker Armour
  • Blue Checker Armour
  • Luxurious Checkerboard Armour
  • Color Shifting Armour
  • Red and Black Ligned Armour
  • Blue and Black Ligned Armour
  • Green and Black Ligned Armour
  • Ligned RGB Armour
  • Black Ligned RBG Armour
  • Australium Armour
  • Chrome Armour
  • Diamond Armour
  • Diamond Armour from the Tour De France
  • Mista’s Armour
  • Grey DDPAT
  • Blue DDPAT
  • Green DDPAT
  • Purple DDPAT
  • RGB DDPAT (Contrasted)
  • Cardboard Armour
  • Digital Frost Armour
  • Purple Digital Frost Armour
  • Iron Bot Armour
  • Neon Armour
  • Space Armour
  • Purple Fragmented Armour
  • Automn Fragmented Armour
  • Green Fragmented Armour
  • Blue Fragmented Armour
  • Upgun Armour
  • White and Pink Ligned Armour
  • Black Goo Armour
  • Frenzy Armour
  • Carbon Fibre Armour
  • White Carbon Fibre Armour
  • 100% Natural Armour
  • Ornemented Armour
  • Bronze Ornemented Armour

In addition to armour types, you can get different types of hats to wear. These are all the hats that you will be able to obtain:

  • Top Hat 
  • Antennas
  • Halo
  • Brown Mustache
  • Rose Mustache
  • Fez
  • Green Crystal
  • Crown 
  • Straw Hat
  • Traffic Cone
  • Sombrero
  • Funnel
  • Paper Bag
  • Arrow
  • Pirate Hat
  • 3D Glasses
  • Kid Hat
  • Chef Hat
  • Unicorn Horn
  • Monocle
  • Witch Hat
  • Zepelli’s Top Hat
  • Magnetoscope
  • Diamond Helmet
  • The gibus
  • Purple Mohawk
  • Red Mohawk
  • Green Mohawk
  • Smiling Post-It
  • Really Bad Solar Glasses Made With A Bottle
  • Hallidung
  • Protective Hat
  • That Thing From The Anime
  • Pink Cat Ears
  • Purple Cat Ears
  • Color shifting Cat Ears
  • Demon Horns

Along with armours and hats that you can choose from, Upgun gives you some weapon skins to customize your combat. Here are the skins on offer:

  • Purple AK-Thodik
  • AK-Thodik Marin’s edition
  • AK-Thodik Australium
  • Green AK-Thodik
  • Dark Red AK-Thodik
  • AK-Thodik 47
  • AK-Thodik Toxic Edition
  • Irradiated AK-Thodik
  • Water AK-Thodik
  • Acidic Strawberry AK-Thodik
  • Pea and Blue AK-Thodik
  • Diablo AK-Thodik
  • Purple AK-Thodik
  • Bee Style AK-Thodik
  • Earth AK-Thodik
  • Saturated Blueberrie AK-Thodik
  • Ocean AK-Thodik
  • Biocoloured AK-Thodik
  • Fully Painted Purple AK-Thodik
  • Dark Green AK-Thodik
  • Dark Blue AK-Thodik
  • Acid AK-Thodik
  • Sakura AK-Thodik
  • Porcelain AK-Thodik
  • Carbon AK-Thodik
  • Watercolored RGB AK-Thodik
  • Blue Gold AK-Thodik
  • Pink Emerald AK-Thodik
  • Alice’s AK-Thodik
  • Patriot AK-Thodik
  • AK-Brofist Red
  • AK-Brofist Blue
  • Blue Synth AK-Thodik
  • Purple Synth AK-Thodik
  • Pink Synth AK-Thodik
  • Orange Synth AK-Thodik
  • Emerald Synth AK-Thodik
  • Aloe Vera AK-Thodik
  • Golded AK-Thodik
  • Bronze AK-Thodik
  • Neon Life AK-Thodik
  • Lime Neon Life AK-Thodik
  • Pink Neon Life AK-Thodik
  • Cyan Neon Life AK-Thodik
  • Green Neon Life AK-Thodik
  • Blue Reinforced AK-Thodik
  • Sun Set Reinforced AK-Thodik
  • AK-Thodik Made With Cardboard
  • Graffed AK-Thodik
  • Inverse Graffed AK-Thodik
  • Landscape AK-Thodik
  • Purple Landscape AK-Thodik
  • Hot Iron AK-Thodik
  • Hot Atomic AK-Thodik
  • Colded AK-Thodik
  • Night Blue Comet AK-Thodik
  • Evening Comet AK-Thodik
  • Pink Moon Comet AK-Thodik
  • Ecolo Comet AK-Thodik
  • Golden Screwdriver
  • Green Screwdriver
  • Blue Screwdriver
  • Purple Screwdriver
  • Pink Screwdriver
  • Red Penknife
  • Orange Penknife
  • Green Penknife
  • Purple Penknife
  • Red Kunai
  • Green Kunai
  • Purple Kunai
  • Electric Blue Kunai
  • Orange Kunai
  • Pork Skewer
  • Beef Skewer

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