League of Maidens Hints on PC

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How to Fish Hints

You can fish at Freedom City by going to the general store and buying a fishing license, a fishing rod, and bait. You’ll be able to fish from the pier. This is the first level of fishing. If you want to be able to catch rarer fish, you can go to Santonia Island and take a quest from an NPC to improve your fishing rod. Your upgraded fishing rod will let you catch higher-quality (and more expensive) fish. You’ll also be able to fish at Santonia Island.

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Basic Tips Hints

Do your daily training as often as possible. While the bonuses aren’t huge, they will help in the long run if you consistently do them.

Shards are a rare and valuable resource. While it might be tempting to spend them right away, the most important things you can buy with them are inventory upgrades and battle pass levels.

As you fight and earn experience, you’ll get Light Cubes. You can one Light Cube for every 10,000 XP, and you can then use them to increase your character level through the Awakening system.

You’ll also earn Battle Points as you play. Use these to increase your Guardian Level.

Skills are also upgraded separately from these things. To upgrade your skills, you’ll need to spend gold or craft them with materials.

Quests (aside from story quests) can be repeated fairly often, multiple times per day per character, so you can redo quests to quickly earn more experience and other rewards, in addition to fighting mobs to earn money and other resources.

Fishing is also a useful way to quickly earn money.

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Hidden Quest / Secret Quest Hints

There is a “hidden quest” in the desert that isn’t marked with a quest marker, but is very helpful because it rewards you with the Heart of Atonement item. It’s a useful crafting item, and while there are other ways to get it, getting it from this quest is essentially a “free” one.

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Gold and Shard Farming Hints

Gold and Shards are both highly valuable resources. To quickly earn more gold and shards, you’ll want to farm them at Strongholds. For detailed tips on farming gold and shards, check out the advice from the video guide below.

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