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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Ghost Exile
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Jan 6, 2022
  • Genres: Indie
  • Themes: Action, Horror

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Death Animation Glitch


Ghost Exile is currently out on early release. As a result of this, there can be some rather entertaining death animation glitches.

Magoroku shows a closet death animation glitch.

Voice Recognition Glitch


The game relies heavily on voice recognition during rituals and when collecting evidence using the Ouija Board, Spirit box, or Voice recorder. The voice recognition software often mishears, and, currently, there is no way to counteract this frustrating glitch. Turning your subtitles on will help you identify the issue.

Takerst shows you the voice recognition glitch.

Locked Drawers Glitch


You walk around the house trying to open drawers to look for passports, lighters, and fuse box plugs, but only some of them open. Unfortunately, the passport/lighters occasionally fall into or spawn in one of the drawers that don’t open.

Minigame Glitch


A minigame will start if you hide in the closet while being closely hunted by the ghost. The minigame either never starts, or you fail the game before it even begins.

Cappin Cronch experiencing the glitch.

Customize Your Game Experience


Ghost Exile lets you customize your game experience by disabling certain features.

When starting the game, you will go to the set-up screen (this will be found by left-clicking on the computer monitor) and look for the tab “additional content.” Under that tab, you will find:

  • Favorite things.
  • Ritual Condition.
  • AI Improvements.
  • The World of Shadows.
  • Complication of Ritual.

Now that you have customized your game to your liking, you’re off to select your house and go bust some ghosts.

Buy Salt


You have just made some money in Ghost Exile. Buy Salt. Now you’re thinking, why Salt? The reason is that it’s cheap (10$), you can use it from level 1, and you get side objectives that need Salt to complete. Salt makes it easier to earn money early in the game.

GameCornerZ explains Salt

Collecting evidence


A good plan is to take your EMF Detector along when you go use the Ouija Board. Place the EMF Detector on the ground next to the Ouija Board and then ask the ghost what its favorite room is. There is a 50/50 chance the ghost will reject your question damaging your sanity by 10, but you will have answered whether it is an EMF Level 5 or not.

GameCornerZ demonstrating EMF/Ouija Borard tip

Hiding in Closets


When sprinting past a hiding closet, double-click on the door to open/close it quickly. While you’re looking for evidence, open one side of the closet door in preparation for having to hide from a ghost. That way, you only have to close one door behind you when hiding.

Favorite Things


This feature increases the difficulty of the game and can be toggled on and off. You have three chances to burn the ghost’s favorite thing before starting the ritual. Failure to burn the correct item will make the ritual extremely difficult to complete. Be warned, though, burning the ghost's favorite thing will enrage it, activating a special difficulty mode. Leave the burning until you're ready to perform the ritual.

Holding the item or being near it will cause the ghost to be more active. The longer you hold the item, the angrier the ghost. If you are near the item, at 8 minutes into the game, the ghost will drop a note giving you a hint as to what it is. A more detailed note will appear after 13 minutes of playing.

Ipsiss demonstrating how to choose the correct item.

Shadow Realm Guide


Mayday! You’re being sent to the Shadow Realm. Don’t panic. Everything you need to know about surviving can be found here. 

The best thing to do is drop all your items unless you are playing with other people, then send the person who hasn’t contributed equipment (in case of death). Enter the portal, avoid all the shadows and the Bag Lady (Keeper of Shadows), and locate a pale ball of light. Once you have found the ball of light, stand next to it and say, “let’s go to the light.” The ball should take off, don’t worry about following it. Go hide and wait for the spirit to let you out.

Surviving the Labyrinth of Death


You die while playing with friends and find yourself in a long hallway. RUN!!. You have only two options: the ghost can harvest your soul for power, leaving you trapped outside the house while your friends defeat it, or you can escape the labyrinth and assist them as a ghost.

Items and Equipment Guide


You start the game with only your basic equipment and purchase more as the game progresses. Here is a list of items you’d be foolish not to buy:

  • Sanity Pills: These are for restoring your sanity. Having lights or Floodlights on will help increase your sanity levels as well.
  • Spray Paint: Used to place sigils for Rituals and protection.
  • Book of Exile: This has all the necessary information for performing the Rituals.
  • Salt: Used to determine the ghost’s movements as a side objective in the game. You have to watch the ghost step into the Salt for the objective to be marked complete.
  • Candle: You will need a lighter to light the candle, but you can find a lighter while looking through the house. Be warned that ghosts can blow out your candle, and walking around the house with a lit candle will not increase your sanity.
  • Incense: This is only used during hunts. Once lit, it will stun the ghost for a few seconds allowing you to hide.
  • DOTS Projector: Used for finding ghosts, it is a must-have for every ghost hunter.
  • Voice Recorder: Used for communicating with ghosts. You left-click to turn it on, ask it a question, and left-click to turn it off. You will only hear if the ghost responded on the play-back.
  • Crucifix: Ghosts fear this item, but you need to be careful as not all ghosts are affected by the Crucifix. The Crucifix needs to be in your hand or on the ground for the ghost to walk over for it to work. When a ghost touches it, the crucifix will take damage, and the hunt will stop. This has been included in this list as it can be confusing to use.

Beginner’s Guide


When you begin to play Ghost Exile, you will notice that you have limited items. Don’t worry, the game isn’t designed for you to start exorcising ghosts from the get-go. You start by identifying the ghost and completing the objectives so that you can earn money for the necessary exorcism items.

Your Ghost Hunter Book has an index page with 7 sections listed on it. All you need to know as a beginner, starting with basic equipment, is Evidence and Types of Ghosts. By searching through the house with your video recorder, interacting with the Ouija Board, fixing the fuse box, and using the water heater to help gauge the temperature in the house, you will be able to identify the ghost. Once that’s done, get back to the tent, go to the objectives board, and collect on your hard work.

DuskTheViking has done a quick start tutorial guide

Guide to Sigils, Rituals, and Exiling Ghosts


There are only two tools that are needed to exile ghosts, your Spray Paint and the Book of Exile. The two items needed for the Rituals can be found in the house, Lighter and the Ghost’s Passport/ID. 

Spray Paint is for two different types of Sigils:

  • The Protective Sigils - help prevent the Ghost from getting to you while the Ritual is being cast.
  • The Ritual Sigils - Used to exile ghosts. The name of the Ritual to exile the Ghost will appear in your Ghost Hunter Book once you have found Evidence of which Ghost it is. After placing the sigil on the floor all the necessary items for the Ritual will appear inside the tent.

The Book of Exile

Without this Book, it is impossible to exile a Ghost. Once you know what Ghost it is, consult the Book to see which Ritual it is and what items (found in the tent) are needed in banishing this Ghost. 

The Ritual

You know what type of Ghost it is. You’ve set up the Ritual and the Protective sigils. If you have a Favorite Item, now would be the time to burn it.  The candles will have to be lit with a lighter, and you will need to know the Ghost’s name for the Ritual (Passport). Make sure you have these before you start. Open up the Book of Exile and start reading out loud whatever words appear. You will have to do this quite a few times as the Ghost will open portals, blow out candles, and start hunts. To complete the Ritual and exile the Ghost, you will need to find these portals, walk up to them and say “close” to carry on with the Ritual. After reading out the ritual, the Ghost will be exiled.

Rizyx exorcising an Onryo

How do you escape the Labyrinth of Death?


  • As a ghost, you have infinite Sprint, so hold your shift key in and do not stop running. 
  • If possible, avoid going back the way you came. 
  • If a cabinet bursts open, turn and run. The Ghost can teleport to them and ambush you. Already open cabinets are generally safe.
  • If the Ghost catches you, spam the F key. You have 3 chances to get away when caught.
  • You need to locate a blue door to escape the Labyrinth but be warned as most will be fake and turn red. If/when you find the door upon touching it (left-click), you will appear back in the house with a few ghost powers.

The Two Punch Brothers take a run through the Labyrinth of Death.

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