Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Cheats sur Nintendo Switch

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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond
  • Première sortie: Nov 17, 2021
  • Notations: PEGI 7,

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First Gym Badge - Route 204


  1. Go to a cave called Ravaged Path and explore (the player can’t get through the cave without Rock Smash HM in their Pokétch, but it’s still good to go to the area)
  2. Catch some Pokémon (optional:
    1. Budew (grass)
    2. Bidoof (grass)
    3. Kriketot (only morning and night)
    4. Shinx (grass)
    5. Starly (grass)
    6. Zubat (only night)
  3. Find the Paralyze Heal to the right behind the fence, in the long grass
  4. Challenge some trainers and opponents:
    1. Lass Samantha with Budew (Level 7)
    2. Lass Sarah with Bidoof (Level 7)
    3. Youngster Tyler with Magikarp (Level 5) and Starly (Level 5)
  5. Go into Ravaged Path, and the player can catch Psyduck and Geodude
  6. Go back to Jubilife City and head east to Route 203

ZXMany does a full game walkthrough.

First Gym Badge - Route 203 and Oreburgh Gate


  1. Step on to Route 203 and challenge the player’s rival
  2. Catch some Pokémon (optional)
    1. Abra (grass)
    2. Bidoof (grass)
    3. Kriketot (only morning and night)
    4. Shinx (grass)
    5. Starly (grass)
    6. Zubat (only night)
  3. Collect Pokéball by Youngster Michael on the floor to the right
  4. Go through the grass to the end of the route and collect Repel behind the pool of water
  5. Challenge some trainers and opponents
    1. Lass Kaitlin with Bidoof (Level 4), Starly (Level 4), and Budew (Level 4)
    2. Lass Madeline with Starly (Level 5) and Bidoof (Level 5)
    3. Youngster Dallas with Kricketot (Level 7)
    4. Youngster Michael with Bidoof (Level 5) and Zubat (Level 5)
    5. Youngster Sebastian with Machop (Level 7)
  6. Go through the Oreburgh gate, which connects Route 203 to Oreburgh City
  7. Get the app for TM998 Rock Smash from the Hiker
  8. Catch Pokémon (optional)
    1. Geodude (ground)
    2. Zubat (ground)
  9. Challenge some trainers and opponents 
    1. Camper Curtis with Shinx (Level 7) 
    2. Picnicker Diana with Budew (Level 5) and Psyduck (Level 5)

ZXMany does a full game walkthrough.

Using an Emulator for Cheats


The player can access cheat codes for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond on the pc using a usual emulator or the right jinx emulator the player will need to use two things; Cheat Engine and PKheX, because there are not a lot of cheat codes. 

  • Master balls - 999,999 (max)
  • Rare candies
  • Berries
  • Potions
  • Medicine Items
  • HMs
  • TMs
  • Key Items
  • Battle Items
  • Pokeballs
  • Money
  • Gym Badges
  • Secret events
  • Complete Regional Dex
  • Complete National Dex
  • Change Trainer information 

It’s relatively simple to set up, all the player needs to do is have something that can open up and press a zip file like one wire or 7-zip. The player will then open up PKheX, and open the save file data location and drop it into PKheX. Once the data has loaded, the player can edit their inventory to the maximum amount. When the player is satisfied with the inventory edits, export saves and open Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.

King Burlington shows you how to get cheat codes.

Mystery gift unlockables


The player can access all the mystery gift unlockables in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, which will be unlocked at the Jubilife TV Center on the third floor after the player receives their first gym badge and has defeated two Team Galactic grunts at the Jubilife City northern exit. 

Head to the main menu and select “Mystery Gift” and there are three ways for the player to obtain the mystery gifts: 

  • Get via the internet
  • Get with password or code
  • Check Mystery Gifts 

Currently, these are expired mystery gifts, and although the player can no longer obtain these mystery gifts, it is still very beneficial to know what gifts are available in the mystery gift section. 

  • Manaphy Egg - no code required, select via the internet (Expired 21 February 2022)
  • Platinum Style Clothing - no code required, select via the internet (Expired 21 February 2022)
  • Oak’s Letter for Shaymin encounter  - no code required, select via the internet (Expired 27 March 2022)
  • Member Card for Darkrai encounter - no code required, select via the internet (Expired 30 April 2022)
  • Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup Statues - BDSPUNDERGROUND (Expired 21 May 2022)
  • Electivire, Glaceon, Lucario, Pachirisu, and Rhyperior statue - MERRYCHR1STMAS (Expired 25 December 2021) 
King Burlington shows you mystery gift codes and events.

First Gym Badge - Route 201 and Twinleaf Town


  1. The Player chooses appearance, name, and rival’s name.
  2. Begin in the bedroom watching TV
  3. Walk downstairs to talk to mom, who will warn you to be careful when going off the path into the wild grass.
  4. Go outside, meet your rival and go to their house
  5. Go upstairs and talk to the rival
  6. Go North on Route 201, then West to Verity Lakefront.
  7. Meet Professor Rowan and either Lucas or Dawn (the opposite gender of your character)
  8. Professor Rowan and  Dawn/Lucas will accidentally leave behind a briefcase that the player will return.
  9. The player is attacked by a pokemon, a Wild Starly (level 2), in the wild grass.
  10. The player chooses their first pokemon as a starter and this pokemon will stay with the player for the rest of the game. 
    1. Chimchar (fire)
    2. Piplup (water)
    3. Turtwig (grass)
  11. Defeat the Wild Starly and go back home via Route 201
  12. On the way back, Professor Rowan and Dawn/Lucas tell the player to meet them at the Professor’s lab
  13. Go back home to talk to mom, and she will give the player a pair of running shoes. 
  14. Collect 10x potions from the PokeMart lady in the long grass 
  15. Head east on Route 201 to SandgemTown

ZXMany does a full game walkthrough.

First Gym Badge - Route 202 and SandgemTown


  1. Go to the lab to talk to Professor Rowan; he’ll give you Pokedex and your main quest: fill it with by capturing and discovering as many pokemon as possible 
  2. Go south on Route 219 to get the Antidote in the sand
  3. Go back home on Route 201 to talk to mom, who will give the player a guidebook to help them whenever they are stuck
  4. The Rival’s mom will give the player a parcel to give to the rival when the player sees them in Jubilife City
  5. Go onto Route 202, where Dawn/Lucas will give the player a tutorial on how to catch the pokemon and 20x pokeballs
  6. Catch a few pokemon for a selection; 
    1. Bidoof (grass)
    2. Kriketot (morning/night)
    3. Shinx (grass)
    4. Starly (grass)
  7. Collect potion from the far left of the left grass patch
  8. Possible trainer encounters
    1. Lass Natalie with 2x Bidoof (Level 3)
    2. Youngster Logan with Shinx (Level 5)
    3. Youngster Tristan with Starly (Level 5) 
  9. Go to Jubilife City on Route 204

ZXMany does a full game walkthrough.

First Gym Badge - Jubilife City


  1. First, the player must go and find their rival at the Trainer’s school and give him the parcel from his mother. The parcel is a pair of town maps, which he will give one to the player because he doesn’t need the second one.
  2. Go into the Trainer school and speak to the trainers on the right; who the player can battle against their Abras (they have Charge Beam move that helps raise their special attack - so defeat them quickly)
  3. When the player defeats the trainer, they will award them 3x TM10s (they have a powerful move called Work Up)
  4. Heal and explore the city and find a man who will give the player a challenge to find three clowns in Jubilife Center (answer yes to each of the clowns’ questions)
    1. Clown 1 - behind the Pokemon Center
    2. Clown 2 - on the west side of town in front of Jubilife TV 
    3. Clown 3 - further to the west of town past the second clown, in front of Pokétch company
  5. Go back to the man who offered the challenge, and he will award the player a Pokétch, which has a few helpful apps to help the player, later on in the game, to clear obstacles, fly and surf on water. 
  6. Talk the Fisher to the west of the city in the gate building, and answer yes to his question to receive an old rod. (This is also where GWS is, which will allow the player to trade with other players online at a later but it is currently closed)
  7. Talk to the girl with a Pachirisu on the ground floor of the condos to get a Quick Claw.
  8. Go north to Route 204, collect a few items and Pokémon.

ZXMany does a full game walkthrough.

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