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Invincibility Glitch Glitch

Gun raiders have an invincibility glitch that can be achieved without downloading anything other than the main game. Please note that this exploit can get you banned.

In order to achieve invincibility, you have to be in your hub. With your knife out, keep switching the knife into a different hand until your hand disappears. Then go to the shop and buy the gold knife with your invisible hand. Use the gold knife to kill yourself. You will spawn invincible. You will know it’s active because your visible hand will glow yellow.

Legacy shows you how to use invincibility.

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Skills to Master Indices

  • Master movement - Before going into battle and fighting, train yourself on how to move in VR first and make sure you are comfortable. I would advise turning on smooth rotation in settings.
  • Master your jetpack - Pushing the right thumb stick up will launch you into the air with a jetpack. Get used to how long the jetpack lasts and mix in your movement, and you’ll be good.
  • Master flying (Slow Falling) - By pushing your arms out to the side after using your jetpack, you will start to fall slower and glide. Note that this does use your jetpack power but at a reduced rate. A good tactic is to use the jetpack to lift you a little off the ground and then glide. Just before your feet hit the ground, use the jetpack to give you a boost again. This is a very good method to traverse the map quickly.
  • Master Dashing - Dashing gives you a quick burst of movement in the direction you are moving but also depletes a third of your jetpack's power. In order to dash, you need to flick your right thumb stick down. You can use dashing while gliding and using the jetpack. This is very useful for getting into cover.
  • Master Climbing - You can grab onto any surface with an empty hand and use it to climb that surface. You cannot use a weapon while wall climbing as your hands need to be empty in order to grip the surface.
  • Master the weapons - This is a shooter game, so you need to learn how the weapons function and what their capabilities are. Good beginner weapons are the assault rifle, the Sniper rifle, the smg, or the duel pistols. The minigun is good, too, but it can be hard to use due to its charge-up time.
  • Master Wall Jumping - Wall jumping is an offshoot of wall climbing, where wall climbing uses both hands to climb. Wall jumping only uses one hand and, therefore, can be used in conjunction with a weapon. In order to wall jump, you need to grab the wall and fling yourself in the direction you want to move, and then let go of the wall. You will be able to launch yourself a little bit and then can grab the wall again and do it again.

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