Call of Duty: Vanguard Schummeln auf PlayStation 5 (PS5)

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Call of Duty: Vanguard
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Nuke Glitches


The glitch will help you get an easy nuke as well as extra xp. You can also control your enemies using the glitches.

Sub Pens 

On the map of Sub pens, there is only one corner you can cover. You can then climb up the pipe and make sure to use your pistol. Then do a strafe jump and make sure you have a shield. You will also need to make sure you have enough bullets in your primary weapon.

Then you can keep pressing the button until the shield is placed correctly on the latch (use the shield stack method from modern warfare). Then go around the corner and take another shield with you. 

Find the pillar that overseas the whole map. In this position, people will not actually be able to see you behind the pillar and you can use your long shot to kill enemies. 

Desert Siege 

You can run easily with the out of map glitch. 

You will start by going to the extension which allows you to go underneath the map.  Then you will look for the rock and this will take you to the invisible barrier. 

You will need to move gently around the invisible barrier and this will take you out of the map. Then you can drop down on the second layer. 

Make sure you are pushed against the back layer on the right side that sticks out a little. Then run forward and then stop. You will need to be careful because if you move too far forward you will die from fall damage and if you walk too slowly you will slide off the glitch. 

When you find the correct placing the glitch will allow you to make long-shot kills easily. This is also best to use when the enemy has A and C and you will be able to kill enemies above you. 

Maytricks shows you how to get the Nuke glitches.

Improve your Multiplayer experience by Combat Pacing


The combat pacing feature allows you to decide how many players you can fight against in the match.

Choosing tactical mode will allow you to have traditional 6v6 showdowns. The assault mode increases the player count up to 28. Blitz mode will help you inflict utter chaos by scattering up to 48 people. 

Ninja perks is a must-have


Someone using a good audio setup or headset can have a substantial advantage over the competition by being able to hear enemy footsteps. 

You may be able to reduce how often you die when someone hears you coming by using the Ninja perk, which is unlocked at level 15. This enables you to make your footsteps silent and reduces your fall damage. 

The rubber duck hunt


Vanguard’s multiplayer maps all appear to feature a little yellow secret tucked away in inconspicuous areas. This Easter egg takes place on about 7 out of 16 multiplayer maps. 

In the Dome on some scaffolding, there is a duck. If you shoot at the duck it will just bounce away. 

There is a duck in Numa Numa in a little nest at the top of the tree. 

The ducks can also be found in Tuscan, Bocage, Hotel Royal, Das Haus, and two ducks in decoy.

There is also a toy dog in a cage in Sub pens. A bear between a load of barrels in Oasis 

If you choose the custom game this will allow you to hunt them more easily. 

Geeky Pastimes discovers the randomly placed ducks and where to find them in some of the maps.

Vanguard Operators


  1. Daniel: You will need to get 200 marksman rifle kills 
  2. Wade: You will need to get 100 headshots (any weapon)
  3. Hailma: You will need to get 50 Prone kills (any weapon)
  4. Polina: You will need to get 200 Sniper skills
  5. Solange: You will need to get 10 double kills (any weapon)
  6. Shigenori: You will need to perform 25 finishing moves 
  7. Roland: You will need to get 300 assault rifle kills
  8. Lucas: You will need to get 100 hipfire kills (any weapon)
  9. Beatrice: You will need to get 5 kills without dying a total of 10 times (any weapon)
  10. Arthur: You will need to get 10 kills with Killstreaks
  11. Constanze: You will need to get 300 LMG kills (any weapon)
  12. Padmavati: You will need to get 200 shotgun kills 

Daily Cliche looks at the most effective way to unlock the operators.

Play the Campaign first


Whether you’re a veteran or a new player, it’s always best to start with the campaign first. Vanguard’s campaign is a great way to acquaint yourself with the feel of the game. You will also have the opportunity to learn about many of the guns that you will use in multiplayer.

Covenants are vital to success in Zombies


In zombie mode, completing objectives throughout the match earns you Sacrificial Hearts. You can trade at this altar, granting you a choice of 3 randomized covenants.

Each Covenant brings with it a unique bonus, such as higher melee damage or a chance to keep equipment even after using it.

Flying a WAC Aircraft (PC)


Taking off 

You will need to start the engine by pressing the ‘R’ key to start the engine. 

Once you have started the engine it will not move very much on its own. You will need to increase the throttle by pressing the spacebar. The helicopter begins to hover and fly off the ground. 

In a plane, you will begin to move forwards quickly so wait a moment and press the ‘W’ key and this will allow you to left off. 


In the plane press ‘A’ and ‘D’ to turn around and ‘W’ and ‘S’ to move up and down. You are able to fly sideways which may be an easy way for you to turn around. 

You will need to hold the space bar in to maintain your airspeed. You are also able to use Mouse 1 or 2 to turn in midair without having to fly sideways.   

In the helicopter, ‘WASD” controls the tilt of the helicopter which is important for moving. ‘W” will allow you to move forward swiftly but you will also lose altitude shortly. ‘S’ will allow you to move backward at a similar speed but again you will experience altitude loss. To predict the altitude change press the ‘H’ shaped heads-up display in the pilot's seat. If the crosshairs are above the middle line, you will go higher but if is it below you will go lower and faster.

You can use the left and right mouse buttons to turn the helicopter. 


In the plane, the spacebar will decrease your speed midair, and you can pull in for a landing. You can also turn the engine off in-flight which is probably not a good idea but at lower altitudes and speeds it could work.

In a helicopter, you will want to activate hover mode as this will make your landing easier. Hover mode can be toggled. Once you have Hove mode active, the front of the helicopter will pull up and then stabilize. You can then pull down using the shift gently and then land. But careful because landing too quickly will most likely result in damage to the helicopter. 

Extra Information 

In a helicopter, you will use the ‘F’ key to fire and the ‘G’ key will swap weapons. 

The attack choppers are the Havoc or the Cobra and are armed to defend against enemy attacks on any terrain. 

The second seat in the chopper is for a dedicated gunner to control most of the weapons by pressing the right mouse key. This allows you to look out the sensor placed on the bottom of the chopper. The vision will be in black and white and you can see in the dark. 

The attack helicopters have the following weapons: 

  1. Rocket pods: the pilot can fire the rockets whether the rockets fire one time or more it will depend on the player. 
  2. Autocannon: the gunner can aim the crosshair and fire the explosive machine gun make sure you press the mouse 2 but do not hold the button in. 
  3. Lock-on missiles: the gunner can lock onto anything (human, Gunship, Chopper, Hunter & Strider). The missiles will fly up into the air and then down onto the target because of the helicopter's weak spot. 

Dr. Matt's WAC Community:

  1. F-16C Falcon
  2. F-4 Phantom
  3. F-86F Sabre
  4. F/A-18F Super Hornet
  5. Fw 190A-5 Würger
  6. Messerschmitt BF-109E
  7. Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero
  8. P-51D Mustang
  9. Supermarine Spitfire V
  10. A-10A Thunderbolt
  11. AV-14 Hornet
  12. Bell OH-58D Kiowa
  13. Curtiss P-50E Kittyhawk
  14. Junkers Ju-87 Stuka
  15. Ka-52 Blackshark,

Unofficial WAC:

  1. UH-60L Gunship
  2. F-15 Strike Eagle 

WAC Base:

  1. AH-6 Little Bird 

Special Aircraft: WAC Base

Cessna C172

The C172 moves slowly even though it is a smaller size because it is not a jet and it is propeller-powered. It can also serve as a low-capacity transport, holding four people in total.

UH-60 Black Hawk

The Black Hawk is one of three unweaponized aircraft. It is a larger helicopter and it is intended for use as a troop transport. It can hold up to seven people in total. 

MH-6 Little Bird

It may be deliberately or due to a glitch but the little bird currently has no HUD for the pilot. For some players through experience, the HUD becomes unnecessary. It can also transport up to four people in total. There are two passenger seats where the miniguns would be on an AH-6, the MH-6 has no weaponry.

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