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Hier sind unsere Leitfäden für After the Fall auf Oculus VR. Die vertrauenswürdigsten Artikel erhalten von unseren Benutzern die meisten "Daumen hoch" und erscheinen näher an der Spitze!

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How to beat the Nightmare mode


On the Nightmare level, you will find that all your enemies will have a layer of frozen ice on their skin that acts as armor. You will have to first damage their frozen armor before you can execute any damage to your enemies. 

Your enemies' attacks are extremely damaging on this level, and it is easier for your enemy to kill you with two simple hacks. The problem that you will face on this level is when you are killed by your enemy, you will lose your weapons and will be forced to buy them again, costing you time and money.

The weapons you must use in the Nightmare mode against your enemies that will be the most effective are “Prototype weapons” and barrels or batteries.

When you are fighting against larger enemies such as Jugs, Brutes, and Eaters. You must use Batteries as an effective weapon. The Snowbreed is in particular susceptible to damage from Batteries, as they will give you a critical damage boost against them.

During the Nightmare mode, you will be faced with large groups of enemies that will attack your group at once. Using Barrels with your gun will be an advantageous move. This will ensure your weapon will inflict more damage per shot.  

The Nightmare mode is fast-paced, and reloading your gun will become a major problem. Use the automatic reload function and disable the ammo counter, as this will ensure your weapon has the fastest reload time. Reloading manually will delay your progress and ultimately cost you and your team precise time when fighting large groups of enemies.

MaFi0 shows you a guide on how to beat the Nightmare mode.

How to Beat a Boss Guide


When you are preparing to go into battle with a boss. You must be able to shoot multiple rounds freely against the boss. One of the best guns that will allow you to do this is the “UZI.” This gun will allow you to shoot freely with one hand and will free up your other arm to allow you to maneuver forward.

Having first-aid kits is an essential part of surviving the onslaught from your enemies. When you are in a safe room, you must restock on first-aid kits. When you need to reheal your player, you can get through bombs out of a door, or a teammate can cover you as you reheal.

One of the steps you must ensure you have checked before you enter the boss area is that your ammo is at maximum capacity. If you find yourself low on ammo, there is a purple box that can be found close to the boss area, which will restock your ammunition.

Try to avoid using the green ammo box at the start of your battle with the boss. Rather, save it for emergencies in battle.

Once the battle has begun, you must be constantly moving forward. The strategy to employ is to accumulate a group of enemies behind you and run in a circular motion around the parameters of the game.

This is where the “UZI” gun will come in handy. As you are running away from your enemies, you must run in the direction where there are fewer zombies.

You will be able to shoot the enemies that are running behind you and avoid the incoming onslaught of new enemies. You must turn around and shoot your enemies as you are running away. Make sure to run in the direction where you will be able to replenish your ammunition.

The boss will appear after a certain amount of time has been exhausted, and you must continue to move around the boss in circles.  Make sure you are targeting the exposed points of weakness in the boss.

Health is a priority, and you must always rehealth your character and can continue to fight the boss after you have restored your health.

Badner Samurai shows you how to beat a boss in After the Fall.

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